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Yanking is one of the commonplace fun-time activities of Ghyll offspring. In the basic form of the activity, they get together in two groups, and each group holds on to one end of a long rope. Each group then attempts to pull the center of the rope, which is marked by a colored splotch, through the goalposts, which are two cut-down saplings erected side by side at one end of the playing field. The winners are then officially known as yankers, and the losers as yankees.

Variants involve such things as more than two teams with a complex of ropes tied together at a central knot, multiple sets of goalposts each of which must be pulled through, and nasty versions played by young thugs that involve beating and kicking as well as mere pulling.

So far, thank Rue, we have not seen yanking commercialized or organized; it remains strictly an informal practice engaged in by neighborhood kids. We have no Regional Champions or All-Ghyll Master Yankers. But no doubt once the activity has been called to adult attention by this Encyclopedia article, these things will shortly come into existence, as various adult Ghyllians find a way to get themselves undeserved adulation and/or a quick Ooo.

In order to protect against this, I have made certain deliberate obfuscations in the text of this article that will make sure adults who would otherwise be messing with the good old childlike tradition will instead go off on various phaelros-chases. Good luck.

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--John Cowan 02:17, 16 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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