Yellow fever

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This is a disambiguation entry, a list of encyclopedia topics that otherwise might share the same title. If you were referred to this entry by a well-meaning scholar, you might want to go back and yell at 'em with an elitist attitude.

Yellow fever can refer to:

  • Yellow fever (disease) - Characterized by cracked carapaces and oozing pustules, this disease is often acquired by ingesting mineral ingredients; there's also a small chance (8%) of contracting it during your coming-of-age ceremony. Symptoms last anywhere from one to three months.
  • Yellow fever (relationship) - Generally considered taboo, someone who has "yellow fever" is romantically interested, or involved, with someone outside their own race or culture. While this derogative was originally used to describe those with a liking for Xurientals, it has since grown to encompass desire for Aerles as well.
  • Yellow Fever (board game) - From the same people who brought you the Battle of Barnum Stones Tabletop Wargame, this board game challenges players to remove "imaginary bugs" from a person infected with yellow fever, colorfully illustrated onto a wooden box. If, however, they accidentally pop one of the nearby pustules, a scream is heard and the box shakes (purportedly from the "patient's pain", but actually trained yesticale worms who resonate on cue).

Citations: Battle of Barnum Stones, Coming-of-age ceremony, Mineral ingredients.

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