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Originally developed as a form of silent protest to the Amphitheatre aristocracy in -34 EC, The Zot evolved into so much more. The Zot is a dance that can be done with or without music. A Zotter starts gyrating her hips slowly to an unknown beat while snaking her arms up into the air. After her arms ascend to a peak, she begins to stomp her feet to a beat as a signal for others to join in. Everyone around the primary dancer starts stamping their feet in time. Once symmetrical motion is achieved, the primary dancer accelerates the beat and starts to snake and weave like a grapevine moving up a trellis through the crowd of stamping people. As she moves, the dancer touches another person to initiate the "vine." That person leans toward someone else and begins moving until the primary dancer continues the growth by touching someone else. Once another person is touched, the two parts of the "vine" move and gyrate together, adding more and more people as time goes on.

Some blame the influence of Ged Nokaway, a popular lyricist who kept urging citizens to dance The Zot faster and faster, for The Zot's side effects. The dance, said to have been borrowed from a small vineyard in Jorvyll, is blamed for massive destruction of property and potential orgies. If you ever see The Zot encouraged, it is recommended that you try to egress from whatever location you are presently at.

Citations: Amphitheatre aristocracy, Ged Nokaway, Jorvyll.

--Finna Sunderhorn 20:32, 21 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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