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A Zymenadang is a charge of fraud, deception, lying, reckless falsity, or other form of untruth, and is commonly designated by the letter Z, which is much more quickly written. Zs come in two types, the simple and the complex.

A Zymenadang Simple is a plain accusation: "You cheated me"; "You are a liar"; "You deceived him"; "Your respect for the truth, it can only be said, is insufficient." Although useful as a challenge to mortal combat, Zs simple are philosophically uninteresting otherwise; consequently, we shall not discuss them further.

A Zymenadang Complex, on the other hand, perdures to the same end, but through entirely indirect means. Common examples are "How dare you say such a thing?", or "You know that is not true", or simply "My opinion, doubtless inadequate as it is, and as much as I defer to your peculiarly superior authority on this particular subject, is quite otherwise." The victim of one of these verbal poignards has no claim generally recognized by Ghyll society to the dubious comforts to an affair of honor, but his sufferings may well be every bit as acute. Alas! he must e'en suffer alone and in silence.

A Z complex is often said to be a common outcome of improper toilet training, especially under the influence of Pyxies. Be that as it may, our concern here is with hermeneutics, not with cryptozoology or offspring-raising.

Citations: Hermeneutics, Mortal combat, Pyxie.

--John Cowan 23:00, 22 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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