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Boing is the childhood hero of probably every young Ghyllian to have grown up since the first series of Boing lumics were written by Lufford Grommie (a cousin of Rikkard Grommie) back in -71 EC. Their enduring endearance is most ironic given that even though Lufford was from one of the richest publishing families in Ghyll, he encountered tremendous resistance to their distribution.

Boing is a crime-solving horse who has springs fitted to his hooves instead of horseshoes, allowing him to bounce over his enemies and thereby foil his dastardly foes. The end of each series of ten lumics, without exception in its seventy year publishing history, comes to a climax with Boing defeating The Beast in some way. Lufford Grommie was a history student, and having researched the history of Agarttha for his thesis, spent much of his time attempting to fight the sad rumours that haunted the foothills of the Jorvyll mountain region (where Lufford grew up), terrorising its people. Through Boing, he managed to succeed largely in his goal, and also spread awareness of the region through the rest of Ghyll. The area west of Dŵplat, and especially the Tíâgrídíg Valleys, are increasingly becoming a holiday destination for those seeking out the sites of Boing's early adventures.

The release of Boing nearly went wrong due to the efforts of the biggest lumics producer at the time, Lumico. The owners of Lumico had somewhat of a feud with the Grommie family, which Lufford still resented but had healed over to such an extent that he neither wanted to have them publish his Boing lumics, but nor could he find anyone in his family willing to risk reigniting the feud. He eventually found an independent publisher, The Happy Hippie Lumics and Pease Pudding Outfit, that was largely unaware of the status and rough dealings of Lumico due to their being consistently whacked out on hippie herbs, and Boing made them a fortune over the coming decades.

Lufford retired from writing the comics in -33 EC, and his role was taken over by his son, Naggard Grommie. Naggard's writing is perhaps even more popular than his father's and, as a result, the success of Boing is likely to continue for many decades. Lumico went bust in -68 EC.

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--Sean B. Palmer 07:52, 27 May 2005 (EDT)

Big Brown Riding Hoof would just like me to say that he's Boing's biggest fan. --Sean B. Palmer 07:52, 27 May 2005 (EDT)

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