Bordingbras his hatt!

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Bordingbras his hatt! is a strange epic poem of the little-understood Loolier people, and the only extant manuscript to survive their destruction. They were destroyed sometime between -400 and -323 EC, in a not entirely understood conflict. They are said to have massacred a force of rival Exingians over a matter of dispute in Theoalchemy, and then to have been destroyed for their vile crimes. By whom or what they were destroyed remains unclear to this day, though the Vale of Serdoch is suspiciously close to the ruins of Alezan. They have been often vilified for the events of the Battle of Barnum Stones, but some modern historians question this claim.

But, that is a matter for other entries. Bordingbras his hatt! is the strange and bizarre poem they left behind to befuddle the ages. The poem is rarely studied since its authors are so hated, yet those who do study it are rewarded with a strange delight, as it tells a movingly tragic tale of a hero who misunderstands, and is misunderstood, constantly. Furthermore, the poem also contains strange lyrical patterns encoded in it, the secrets to the alchemical methods used by the Looliers. Applying the Clamorxian Decoding Method reveals that they knew not just how to create light out of chemicals, of which there are several known methods, but how to create chemicals, including gold, out of light. It also claims they learned this from Kiluma, goddess of chaos. This remarkable revelation shows the root cause of the hatred between the two clans, as the Exingians did not have this kind of power at their disposal, feeling instead that Kiluma was their patron goddess.

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--Juzh Iruk 16:50, 17 Sep 2004 (EDT)

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