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On the outskirts of Folktown, one can find the Charterhouse Estate, currently home to Godfroi Hasawithe, the owner of what has become known in occultologist circles as the most famous collection of Occult Lore.

There are many rumours regarding the Charterhouse Collection, as most have not had a chance to look upon its contents. However, there was a time when it was in the keeping of the Bureau of Forgotten Knowledge, before the Night of Cloaks and Daggers in -10 EC. Unfortunately it did not stay at the Bureau for long; therefore only a small amount of Recovered Knowledge is known about the collection, as the current owner is rather paranoid.

The Charterhouse Collection details much of the Occult Lore of Ghyll, including many entries regarding ghost sightings, alien visitations, and the summonings of dark gods, especially those of the Alezan pantheon. In fact, the detail to which the collection characterizes the pantheon is the key to its value: the prayers, rituals, and attire required to commune with the gods are written in exacting detail. It is obvious that the recording of such practices was as much a religious pursuit as to acting out each stage. Though this is the most important part of the collection, it is by no means the only important part. Given the Collection's size, I for one can understand why Godfroi Hasawithe resides only on the ground floor of the Charterhouse, and why he is known to have one of the largest private libraries in Ghyll.

It is the events surrounding the Collection that garner the most interest, though. What occurred on the Night of Cloaks and Daggers is now a matter of record, but the Bureau is not the only place to have posssessed the Collection and suffered for it. It is believed many leaders have fallen afoul of the Collection's tomes after handling them, enough to even suggest that the great Bysted Timperton resigned his position at Bute University due to its negative influence.

Only one man is rumoured to have thrived when it was in his possession, even though he eventually sold it to a passing tinker once he reached port. The world must thank Captain Riquiras for the rediscovery of the collection, if only so that we can reflect upon what the summation of its parts actually means.

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--Bartmoss 18:24, 24 Sep 2004

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