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Darkships ply the shores of the Dagger Seas, dealing in their illicit cargoes. Unknown sailors helm these craft from beach to cove to sea, avoiding every port and settlement, maintaining their mystery. Darkships are thought to be Besq Boats crewed by thieves and brigands, but they are not - they have no scent of sphoxolis about them, lack oarlocks and daggerboards, and their accommodations are even more cramped and uncomfortable.

The crews of the darkships are mysterious figures, with their heads constantly shrouded in complicated and ornate hoods which keep their features concealed, even in turbulent weather. Although they have no badges, the crews clearly all belong to a single organization which coordinates their efforts.

The cargoes of the darkships are as mysterious as their crews. Bales, boxes and bundles are all wrapped in dark cloths to prevent them from ready identification. None but the captain may know whether an amphora contains acineen liquor or fefferberry juice.

Sightings of darkships are only reported on even-numbered days. On odd-numbered days, they are traveling or assembling in their sea fairs far from the sight of land, where goods and crews are exchanged between darkship captains.

I know this. For I have traveled upon a darkship.

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--Brother Arfrus 18:20, 10 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Brother Arfrus, if the cargo of these water-craft is so mysterious, how can we even be sure that they be illicit?! How do we know if they are nothing more nor less than trussed up containers of Aelfant ale (a substance which I believe should be made illicit, but to date is still the preferred and quite legal draught of many a collegium student)? Indeed, how can we be sure that you haven't been paid off by these possible purveyors of common goods so that you increase the sense of mystery about them?! --Nikos of Ant 20:04, 16 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Even if the cargo of the darkships is otherwise legitimate, the fact that it is being transferred on the beaches and shores of the Dagger Seas under cover of darkness, rather than through legal and legitimate sea ports and harbors, shows that the trade is illicit. The darkships trade avoids legal sanction, and is therefore, by definition, illicit, even if they are carrying nothing more than ordinary baby baskets.
Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that the endowment of the Threelian Abbey of Mnerr has come from anyplace other than legitimate sources, and the implication that I was a darkship captain is totally baseless. You have no proof! --Brother Arfrus 10:03, 27 Jul 2005 (EDT)
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