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The following misspellings (as detected by MediaWiki's Fix misspellings page) are deliberate, and should not be removed by over-zealous editors:

  1. "irregardless" for "regardless": M'Kev D'wal
  2. "thunderbarg" for "thungerbarg": Current events
  3. "wanna" for "want to": Songs of Odgar The Fourth
  4. "wich" for "which": Anaximancer
  5. "wierd" for "weird": Frequently Asked Questions and Battle of Barnum Stones
  6. "teh" for "the": Djiknax Creation Manuscripts
  7. "ther" for "there": Last witness

And of course the misspellings on this very page! That makes a total of 17 entries; if you see more entries on the Fix misspellings page, please fix them.

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