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The Encyclopedants is a term applied to the small group of individuals who decided a collection of Ghyll intellect, in written and distributed form, was necessary for the bettering of society, as well as the benefit of future historians. The group now presides over the encyclopedia's integrity and "cohesion of vision". To remain an objective judge, the Encyclopedants attempt to focus only on "the facts as we're told them", asking questions, poking holes, and suggesting "standards" to further quality assurance. These Progress Reports are considered official communication between the Encyclopedants and their Scholars, and they encourage others to write their own thoughts and comments into the margins.

And Thus It Stabilizes!

As we admitted when this project started, our exhuberance got the best of us, creating a huge flow of entries from scholars Ghyll-wide in just the first few weeks. It was far more than expected, and we twittered lovingly over each new bit of information. Immediately, the realization that "something needed to be done" emerged. That's when we devised these reports, and specifically, "The Facts As We're Told Them." We figured that not all scholars would have time to go over every draft we received, and that a quick rundown of established fact would prove helpful.

However, as encyclopedia entries have slowed and stabilized, we've decided the problem the "Facts" was trying to circumvent has, in Fact, been solved: most scholars have enough time to read the smaller amount of submitted entries. Because of this, "The Facts As We're Told Them" will no longer appear in these reports, unless submissions return to a heightened rate. Similarly, these reports will be released only when the need arises, numbered according to weeks past since the forming of the encyclopedia.

Small and Future Updates

Due to some new personnel graciously donated to our cause, we'd like to introduce some additional typographical standards. But first, a slight change. In weeks past, we've asked that you refer to the Encyclopedant Calendar by writing {{EC}}. While you can still do, we'd prefer you use the revised syntax of [[EC]]. Apparently, one of our copiers has been getting some sort of malady in his wrinkled old hands (My hands are fine! It's these blasted pens you bought! --Burgengute), and he can't manage those squiggles more than ten times per entry. Right angles though, he's a genius at. (Derm right I'm a ge... hey! --Burgengute).

Secondly, we'll soon be expecting the same sort of behavior for any measurements detailed in the Chesix System Of Measures. These are still in the process of being set up, but the earlier you get used to them, the better. [[nanit]], [[gyup]], [[lele]] and so forth. Naturally, if you forget, one of our copyeditors will correct the oversight.

--The Encyclopedants
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