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Gruff fiction is not the subversive and despicable pastime and haven of degeneracy it is often portrayed as.

Gruff fiction reverses what is accepted as the "normal" personality of a being (real or fictional), so that a normally positive, happy, and fun force or personality like Fijjit Mejora becomes dark, brooding and cruel. The reverse is also true: history's darkest figures, including Harv Gretborn, the inventor of the dreaded Gravion Process, appear in gruff fiction portraying them as far more decent than they actually were.

It is also unfair to claim that all readers of gruff fiction are just as crazy as the writers.

Citations: Fijjit Mejora, Gravion Process, Harv Gretborn.

--Darus Ixa 17:36, 29 Oct 2004 (EDT)

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