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Hungfold is a Xuriental import to Ghyll. Croam Olpo and his companions were impressed when they first saw hungfold structures, and wondered at the strength of such small pieces of wood. Croam's grandson, Dogui Olpo, first brought hungfold saplings to Ghyll and began raising hungfold domestically. The famed Pretty Impressive Fence of the Xurient relies on the strength and durability of hungfold to remain standing for as long as it has. Hungfold has proven to be much less prone to rot and decay than some other woods, such as grelb and fibrier, which would not be likely to last more than a few score years with such exposure.

The groves raised by the monks of the Order of Mnerr typically include a bosk of hungfold among the varieties of trees they tend. These arborists were quick to embrace the new tree species and to grow samples once it had been introduced to Ghyll.

In recent years it has been discovered that hungfold sap greatly increased extraction rates in the production of essence of tristero. Though many producers continue to use old methods, the increased availability of tristero has led to huge increases in the production of Kreem Pyes, which may have ramifications for the Brothers of the Lantern and others concerned with the condition of the heh-blammo balance.

Topiary is another use for hungfold. Although many practitioners claim not to use any supports, and credulous fans of topiary believe them, some forms simply cannot be built without added structure. Great structural support can be had from even the smallest hungfold branches, which can easily be concealed within the zhur shrub.

Xuriental fables ascribe the creation of hungfold to their Great Spirit, Lumawig who created it from a bird called a "Grup Fish", because he was upset it was not actually a fish. This shows how backward and misguided most Xuriental fables are.

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--Brother Arfrus 08:42, 14 Jul 2005 (EDT)

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