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Little is known of this mysterious figure who has made brief appearances beginning with the publication in -1648 EC of his first work, Traveling the Dagger Seas, until his eventual disappearance in -1633 EC.

This scholar has been unable to find any records of Kebonston Lefkrane's life before -1648 EC. We know he was born some time between -1673 EC and -1683 EC. Currently, there is a conflict among such academics as myself as to his place of origin. Most place his birth in the region around Lake Crimin, explaining that the reason not a single historical text mentions from where he hails is the natives’ lack of Dendel's Stripes. However, there are several fringe groups that place his birth anywhere from the Sarfelogian Mountains to the Plain of Brahang, on largely foundless beliefs.

It is believed he joined a trade caravan early in his life until he eventually got the funding from an unknown patron for an expedition to explore the Dagger Seas. If it were not for the discovery of the Nitenmangrey culture, the expedition would have been largely fruitless. He published his journal, calling it Traveling the Dagger Seas, however would never again receive funding for an expedition.

Kebonston refused to give up and soon became a prominent member of several royal courts throughout Ghyll and became known for his acerbic wit and humor. He seemed to have a knack for turning up just in time to witness a great social upheaval within the nation and would afterwards disappear again. These appearances ran from -1646 EC until his final appearance in -1633 EC in the court of Llysver the Doomed, where he made his legendary insult to Llysver’s brother, Harover. A few weeks later, he would disappear for the last time. Shortly after his disappearance a book supposedly written by him, Life in the Courts of Royalty, detailing his first-hand experiences with social revolt, made its way through Ghyll.

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