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The Keglacian culture thrived in the mountainous regions of Jorvyll north of the Evesque Valley. Their skill in stone working and stonemasonry was most likely put to use in the building of the Baleman. The majority of the Keglacians fled South to the Valley in the wake of the Earthquake of Fluyr in -75 EC.

With them they brought their songs, epic poetry, and sports including hoopkah. While much of the poems and old songs of the Keglacians have melted into the collective culture, hoopkah has made a distinctive mark and is becoming more popular with every passing year.

Variations of this Keglacian sport are also known as choopkah (team play) or hoopspootch (a simplified version for children). Professional hoopkah teams wherein a Hive-Coach and his four or five player team compete in a series of matches against local rival teams are popular events often drawing huge crowds of common folk who treat such matches as huge social gatherings complete with food and drinks.

While the stonemason origins of the Keglacians are now mostly destroyed, it would seem that this simple pastime will remain their gift to world culture.

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--Dr. H.L. Ackroyd 18:57, 27 Nov 2004 (EST)

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