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A favorite weapon of the Tarkherk Corps, the Lightning Gun was allegedly invented by the incomparable Harv Gretborn. Though better known for his Snotgun, Gretborn's contributions to military technology are vast enough to be more than just a footnote in history.

Lightning Guns vary in size, shape and design, but all are roughly 5 nanits long, including both stock and "barrel". The "barrel" is a solid piece of metal running almost the entire length of the stock and most closely resembles a lightning rod in actual construction. It is attached to theoalchemical batteries concealed in the butt of the stock via fine, platinum wires. A similar set of platinum wires attach to the trigger mechanism. The trigger itself is covered in a fine tracery of runes which, allegedly, activate the rechargeable batteries. The stock of most Lightning Guns is made from Yren Vud harvested in the wild Sarfelogian Mountains, though many other substances are used. It is rumored that King Harandraff the Great had a Lightning Gun crafted from obsidian and the purest silver, though that rumor has never been confirmed.

Some have claimed that a Lightning Gun is the only real defense a single soldier has against an ectomechanaut kitted out for war. Certainly, B. T. Gidgewell, late Supreme Commandant of the Tarkherk Corps, believed this so strongly, and was so terrified of the damage a war ectomechanaut had inflicted on his grandfather, that he insisted the entire Corps be armed with Lightning Guns.

Observers have noted that, from a distance, a Lightning Gun battle is quite lovely, rather like an angry burnfly mating dance. The participants in such a battle, however, are more likely to be concerned with the horrific burn scars that such events leave behind.

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