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Natural terrors are a phenomenon often encountered when crossing between orthogonalities. Natural terrors encompass a host of effects which can injure or even kill an unwary traveler. Despite their name, natural terrors are almost certainly something of a supernatural nature, as they are only encountered in the immediate vicinity of an orthogonality turning point. The stronger the turning point, the more prevalent are the natural terrors found nearby.

The famed adventurer Croam Olpo was the first to attempt to classify natural terrors. He divided the terrors into four categories:

  1. Fangy - animals with sharp teeth or claws, etc.
  2. Gloppy - deluges, swamps, mires, etc.
  3. Firey - all things burning
  4. Dark - terrors hidden in darkness

Olpo was also the first to discover that virtually no natural terrors struck when travelers crossed an orthogonality while riding on Equestrian Beetles. This allowed him to successfully travel to the Xurient. Although some investigations have been undertaken, no one has yet determined what it is about the beetles that safeguards a rider from the natural terrors.

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--Brother Arfrus 14:09, 26 Aug 2005 (EDT)

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