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P'Jubal is a talking tuckarando and long-time friend of Fijjit Mejora, a real world pachyderm who became the embodiment of happiness for many a young and adult alike. Unlike Fijjit, who was originally real and then became fictional, P'Jubal was originally rumor, then fiction, and according to an invalidated recollectiball, now possible.

Appearing in the best-selling "Fijjit and the Fefferberry Failure", P'Jubal helped overcome a disaster of epic infestation. Unfortunately, P'Jubal didn't survive, losing his will to live during a tense sequence on p. 117. Aghast at the loss and enamored with a character of a mere hundred pages, readers launched a campaign to bring back Fijjit's bestest friend, unwilling to believe his will was that weak. "P'Jubal Lives!" was their rallying cry, and their protests made headlines.

This was all much to the chagrin of the author, who had forgotten to drink from his Authentic Fijjit Mejora Happy Juice Box for the entire duration required to write the book. Claiming "he never much liked the character", and was "quite happy he passed on so quickly", he denied the protesters salvation. Relatively speaking, this was short-lived: a year after the protests began, the first draft chapter of a new book, "P'Jubal Lives!", began to circulate. The publisher claimed this was all a marketing ploy: an "alternate reality" where the will of the people contributed to the will of P'Jubal, and only through their urging could P'Jubal return. It was the first recorded case of consensual reality seemingly being used as a marketing scheme. As expected, the book went on to become it's own best-seller, though there have been no further followups to the P'Jubal tale.

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--Morbus Iff 13:56, 9 Sep 2005 (EDT)

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