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Quiver'n'bend is a form of popular music, usually featuring vocals, stringsophone and a strong back beat; other instruments, such as the sphoxophone, are common in some styles. The music's impact on Ghyll, as part of the teenage Gre't 'w'kening, has not been paralleled by any other style of music. Its proponents argue that it is leading the land towards peace and rehabilitation, whereas its opponents are old fuddy-duddies.

The name of this bold new genre is derived from the pre-MSG word "quiveranabend", meaning music of the people, with the letter "a" of course omitted to bring awareness to the movement's abstention from all forms of authority.

The following songs are already considered classics of the genre:

  • Droop, Dribble, and Droll - Herbie Blashford and the Blashmen.
  • Knackerbats! - The Knackerbats
  • Lean, Maybe. - Heh and the Blammos
  • Let The Wooing Commence - The Lalalas
  • Luis Luis - Los Hombres del Rey
  • My Regeneration - The Cwazy Cats Do Hollywood
  • Snake, Snapple, and Stroll - Herbie Blashford and the Blashmen
  • Sock 'n' Bowl - Turboduck
  • The Toad Hop - The Toadboys

(Notes: Some consider Snake, Snapple, and Stroll a weak copy of the Blashmen's first hit. Also, Knackerbats! is likely not a classic of the genre, but it makes my dog horny when I play it so I thought I'd include it anyway.)

Like all of Ghyll's music, quiver'n'bend owes a great deal to the Songs of Odg'r the Fourth.

Note from the author: this entry was written on a horse, which is to say whilst riding the horse not actually physically spraypainted on it, and for some reason the horse didn't like it so I almost didn't submit it to the encyclopaedia (the same reason why I didn't submit some of my previous ones). I'd ask him if he liked a paragraph and all he'd say is "nay". Sigh.

Citations: Modern St'nd'rd Ghylli'n, Great 'wakening, Songs of Odg'r the Fourth.

--Sean B. Palmer 01:04, 4 Feb 2005 (EST)

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