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For this phantom there is a great deal of family history that goes into it. Through that I've discovered some timeline errors and confusions and conflicts.

Allison is:

  • Mother of Captain Riquiras as per Carsokian
    • Captain Riquiras: Discovered the Brass Hell in -159 EC; murdered two years after putting it on his sails by his own crew.
  • A Member of the Casokian Clan
    • Her son, Captain Riquiras was acknowledged and then retracted from the clan.
  • The great, great, grandaunt of Aleksandra Mary Blackgold per Carsokian
    • Aleksandra is Baron Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood's mother
      • Baron Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood (born -62/7/11 EC, ennobled -12 EC, the XIXth Baron Smallwood)
        • Baron XIX inherited his nobility (and Last name??) from Iain_Underholm_Smallwood through marriage to Lady Bavarian Creame
          • Minor Problem: Bavarian Creame was born Bavarian Wallinger, showing no relation to Iain Smallwood and really confusing this scholar as how the title came to her and how last names work.
    • Aleksandra is also a descendant of Mary Elizabeth Carsokian
      • Quoted from Carsokian: It was into this high-point of the Clan's history that Mary Elizabeth Carsokian was born and groomed to be the clan head. She rose to that position on a fine, warm Ulfsday in Gomin of -100 EC, on her 57th birthday. With her that day, according to the Cranee Historical Society records, was her young, freshly married daughter Aleksandra Mary Blackgold, ...)
    • Aleksandra is Cousin to Sylivia Beth Panderlock; Who is Clan Head of Carsokian in moderntimes
All the above gives the following timeline:
-159 EC         Captain Riquires discovers key
Post -159       Captain killed [not stated explictly], 2 years after flying key as flag
-157 EC         MEC born
-100 EC 	MEC Clan Head on 57th birthday; Alek married previously
-80 EC		SBP and FW marry
-69 EC          Bavairan Wallinger (to be Creame) born to Aleksandra
-67 EC	        Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood born (At least 33 years of 
                marriage before birth to Alek & hubby)
-45 EC          Bavairan Wallinger & Claude Smallwood marry
-33 EC          Bavairan Smallwood & Claude Smallwood Divorce
-15 EC	        FW dies; SB(P)W dies few months later.
-12 EC	        Ennobled Baron Smallwood XIX (at age 55) [21 years after divorcing 
                the woman who has the right of family inheritance]
-7 EC           Iain Smallwood murdered.

So there's definately some problems in the timeline for Claude Smallwood & Bavairan Creame concerning the inheritance.

Additionally, there are problems in trying to fit six generations into 170 years or so as the family tree looks something like this (Remember: Allison is Aleksandra's Great-Great Grand Aunt):

  |            |
Allison      Sister  +   Male                [Great-Great Grand layer]
  |                 |
  |                 |
  |                 |
Captain         Daughter (1) + Male               [Great Grand layer]
d. -157 to -155               |
                       Daughter (2) + Male          [Grand Layer]
                       Mary Elizabeth Carsokian + Male Blackgold [Mother Layer]
                               b. -157          |
                                        Aleksandra Mary Blackgold  + Male Smallwood (NOT Iain)
                                                       m. PROIR to -100 EC
                                                          Claude Lloyd Albert Smallwood
                                                                 b. -57 EC
                                                                 m. Bavarain Wellington -45 EC

--Lisa B. Underhalh 19:45, 18 May 2005 (EDT)

For what it's worth, I'll have to bow out of this discussion. I am rather estranged from the concept of blood families and inter-relations, so I get glossied-eyed when I look at stuff like this. I'll have to trust that you and other scholars get things right. --Morbus Iff 21:15, 18 May 2005 (EDT)

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