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Chesix System in units.dat format

Add the following to your system's /usr/share/units.dat (must be root):

# Chesix System of Measures

nanit           20 cm
sugro-          201168|25
quiendsrod      1|3657 sugro-nanit
lunanit         11 kunanit
kunanit         9 unanit
unanit          16 nanit
inanit          1|11 nanit
kinanit         1|9 inanit
linanit         1|13 kinanit
lele            9 lunanits
gyup            1|1331 wurp waterdensity
lugyup          1|0.86037 wurp waterdensity
wurp            nanit^3
yip             degC

Then the units program will understand Chesix as well as SI (metric), Imperial, and U.S. Customary units.

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