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This was my first attempt at a comprehensive survey article. --John Cowan 10:07, 24 Sep 2004 (EDT)

I really like this style- it really brings out the best in the game. Thanks for the example (and I hope you don't mind if I lift it :) --Joe Bowers 11:20, 24 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Bravo. Excellent article, and fantastic coverage. Many points made are sure to generate debate for many moons. --DrBacchus 14:03, 24 Sep 2004 (EDT)

Fixed serious blunder

I had originally written of "the foolish notion of Oblibestircus" etc. etc., because Oblibestircus was already established in Aquentravalkeration as a foolish scholar. But it's Rancticirchiretic who believes in a connection between aquentravalkeration and the Paramount Queens. So I corrected the former to the latter here (this does not result in any global conflicts): even someone as brilliant as R. can be allowed one or two foolish notions per lifetime! --John Cowan 11:17, 17 Feb 2005 (EST)

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