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Theoalchemy was a term first coined by the alchemist Irictus Ross in the year -96 EC, when he would refer to alchemy that seemed to have no explanation. An early example of this “God Alchemy” is the alchemy of the Looliers, who seemed to have a method of tranforming light into precious metals before the invention of Andelphracian Lights. Even after study of the Looliers’ epic poem Bordingbras his hatt!, which seems to contain information about the Looliers’ alchemy process, this process is still not well understood.

Theoalchemy has also slipped into usage when referring to any sort of alchemy that has a cult following. Those that are trying to create a Stone of Wisdom through the process of alchemy are an example of a group referred to as theoalchemists. Another cult based on the concept of theoalchemy is the group of individuals trying to find the god they call Hythmium through the process of alchemy.

Citations: Looliers, Hythmium, Irictus Ross.

--Leonard J. Keatings 23:47, 2 Mar 2005 (EST)

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