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Why are some clouds red and others green and others orange?

What do the Pinky people look like?

Where do stars come from?

Why aren't all rocks the same color?

Why is it bad to show the bottom of my carpace?

Why are horse-apples blue?

Why does a zenithorian get to tell his classmates what they can or can't study?

Why does Amy Sue Bardway like tickling my grenfs?

Why doesn't carthage taste good on fefferberries?

Why do Equestrian Beetles eat namphwirrs, but when I do I get sick?

What do the zhyglets in core script mean?

Why does no one in Xurient get retrackets?

Why do my mandibles miss when I get drunk?

Why shouldn't people learn to read 2.5ary script?

Citations: Namphwirrs, Pinky, Zenithorian.

--Entry by Novice Frettac (and not Brother Arfrus) 09:17, 14 October 2005 (EDT)

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