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Brother Arfrus' Beer Recipes

as yet unnamed Belgian Wit style. It used a malt kit, plus another old wheat beer kit that had turned dark, but seems to be OK. Boiling included Saaz hops and crushed corriander and dried orange peel. (Full recipe to be transcribed) Fermentation began quickly and vigorously. It has now been racked to secondary. An initial taste during the transfer was surprisingly tasty.

1.8 kg Munton's Wheat Beer kit (old)
1.5 kg Brewferm Tarwebier kit

30 min boiling w/:

2 gal water
1/3 oz Saz 5.0 AAU
2 shakes ground corriander

5 min. finishing w/:

6 bengal spice tea bags
1 tbsp orange peel
1/3 oz Saz 5.0 AAU

Pour into cold water in fermenter and add:

1 oz crushed corriander
2 tbsp orange peel
1/3 oz Saz 5.0 AAU

bottling has been done; and I'll let you know how it turned out in a few weeks. Samples during bottling were tasty!

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