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Ghyll Overview

Ghyllians are insect-like humanoids with seven fingers, two arms, two legs, and a single head. They stand about 1.5 meters tall. They have two sexes. Ghyllians live in social structures such as families, but which are further extended into larger groups ending with a hive presided over by a Hive-Lord. The Hive-Lord is responsible for assigning each Ghyllian their task in life as a child in the form of a question that only the individual can answer.

Ghyllians have large cities, some of which have elected heads of state (usually called Mayor). Many Ghyllians also belong to any of a number of Societies, institutions, clubs, and social organizations which sometimes come into armed conflict with each other. Ghyllians thrive on grouping and bonding in groups. It is not unusual for a Ghyllian to belong to three or four different groups and give complete loyalty to each. Therefore Ghyllians are very careful which groups they associate with.

Because of this overlap of culture and society there is little need for governmental armies or police forces. These functions are handled through the hiring of Mercenary corps. Battles are not fought over property and things but over ideals and morals. There are neither jails nor formal court system. Ghyll is run as a multiple hierarchy under the Hive-Lords. Each hierarchy deals with its own. By the time the Hive-Lords need to get involved it would have to be something that threatens the complete existence of Ghyll.

Ghyll has mechanized industry and mass transit (although much is still animal powered). They do not have flight technology yet. They have a crude mechanical knowledge but a highly advanced chemical knowledge. Even with primitive machines their chemical knowledge makes them capable of incredibly sophisticated constructions using a process they call Technomancy. The pinnacle of these achievements is the semi-aware mechanical race called EctoMechonauts.

Ghyllians are fortunate to have discovered certain naturally-occurring compounds with distinctive and unique chemical properties and have isolated them and reproduced them through a semi-ritualized practice called TheoAlchemy.

Ghyllians have a deep reverence for philosophical thought without needing a complicated Pantheon to support it. While there were once many different deities worshipped by thei Ghyllian forebears the modern Ghyllian tries to balance his theology on simple, practical ideas like the “Heh-Blammo” balance, or answering the Hive-Lord’s question.

There is an ascetic tradition among Ghyllians known as the Brotherhood of the Lantern. These monks contemplate things such as the morality of selfishness and the power of the “Heh-Blammo” balance in nature. Some of the brothers go into isolation while others pursue scholarly studies.

Ghyllian scholars are among the highest regarded of Ghyllian society. Presumably because they have not only answered their Hive-Lord question but have surpassed it. Scholarly study can be a lucrative pursuit.

Character Profile

Hive (Family): 
Group affiliations: 
Skills: TheoAlchemy (Chemistry), Technomancy (Mechanical Skill), Theomancy (Philosophy), Libromancy 
        (Reading/Writing), TheoArcheology (History), AuroArcheology (Rumor and Folklore), TheoStrategy (Military 
        Skills), Accountomancy (Merchant Skills) or other skill groups you can think of.
Hive-Lord Question (answered?): 

Sample Character

Name: Plasnik
Gender: Male
Hive (Family): Gidgewell
City: Folktown
Group affiliations: SMU, Tarkherk Corps (father and grandfather)
Skills: Plasnik is a trained Technomancer and has even worked on EctoMechanauts. He isn't really physically suited to soldiering, but his father has insisted on it because of the family tradition of military service. He has taken the required courses at Bute University (excelling in TheoStrategy to his father's pride). He often has lume or book of some sort around to read between duties.
Background: Plasnik's grandfather was the commander of the Tarkherk Corps and his father is the current commander of that same, fine institution. Ever since Plasnik can remember he had been old of the brave days of battle in the Conflict That is Not Happeneing and how it was his family that had preserved the illusion of peace.

But as he grew older it became apparent that all of the family tales ended the same way: with the death of the protagonist - usually at the hands of some raging EctoMechanaut or a device of horrible death. Therein was born an idea. Plasnik decided to become a mechant of death like those that had slain so many of his family. Soon, his name would be the one that others feared and whispered in soft tones like the accursed name of Harv Gretborn.

Of course he has kept this ambition secret among his family. They have tolorated his pursuit of Technomatic studies to a point, but the time has come for him to make a military name for himself. Plasnik hopes that, soon, he can realize his dream and build his first deadly invention to aid his commander.
Hive-Lord Question: What are the wages of death at the current exchange rate? (unaswered)
Achievements: Advanced Degree in Technomany from the Aminfarances Institute of Science and Technomancy and a basic degree in Principa Militarium from Bute University.
Goals: see above

Game Premise

You and your comrades are now part of the newly formed Ghyllian Second Mercenary Union under the command of Baron Hank von Grupang. Von Grupang is famous (ask anyone) for having put down an uprising in the local tavern that threatened to break out into a full-scale takeover of Folktown.

He used his wits and managed to put down the uprising before it reached epic proportions, and now you (and your mates) have been drafted (more or less) by him into this group. He is determined to find out the roots of the “Folktown Uprising of Kendrit Naught” and it is your job to help him.

Along the way, you may discover that there are dark forces at work in your beloved Ghyll, and that when your paid profession is to turn over rocks and look under them, you see a lot of dirt.


Plot 1: Who Killed Roger Dabnit?

Roger was the first victim of the uprising, and it was his death that tipped off von Grupang that something was amiss. Following the trail he discovered the uprising. He stopped it and executed the ringleaders but did not have the luxury of time to investigate the larger conspiracy. This is your task.

Find the remaining members of the “Folktown Uprising of Kendrit Naught” and question them about their leaders. Follow the trail of clues to find out who is behind the conspiracy.

Plot 2: Yermina Rising

The conspiracy ladder grows longer with the mysterious involvement of the Carsokian Clan in the Uprising. It seems almost too fortunate that one of the Clan is now contacting you for help. What could Yermina Carsokian want that she would come to you for help? Does she have information that will help you?

Plot 3: Lightning never strikes the same place twice

Yermina's information has lead you to the city of Iganefta-on-the-sea where you are following up on her assertation that the Carsokians are innocent and that the Uprising is a power-play by the Lightning crime family. Of course, snffing around Johnny Lightning is more than a little dangerous.

Plot 4: I feel a little ele-faint

Barely escaping Iganefta-by-the-sea you begin the race back to Folktown to see who gets to the Folktown Social Club first. Of course it is you versus DermPachyges Courier Service. The one who gets there first can perhaps misdirect Johnny Lightning before the message is received. If you can do that, you might buy the time you need to gather the rest of von Grupang's mercenaries.

Plot 5: Folktown Showdown

As the truth is revealed then s**t hits the fan and the Conflict That Is Not Happening becomes the Conflict That Is In Your Face. But von Grupang and Lightning are agreed on one thing, nobody outside the combatants in the two forces can know that there is a war between them going on in the streets of Folktown on the busiest shopping-day of the year.

Game Play

This is a PBP (Play-By-Post) game for the GameGrene forums. There is an IG (In-Game) thread and an OOC (Out-Of-Character) thread. The IG thread is for game-related posts only. In a PBP game it is traditional to use either italics or *asterisks* to offset internal thoughts. Whichever method the group decides should be consistent for all players. Voice is also generally third-person (he, they, Tom) past tense (did, acted, moved). This makes it easier to go back and re-read old posts. Writing always in first-person (me, I), present (do, acts, moves) makes it tough to distinguish between the players and makes it a lot harder to figure out action.

Occasionally (for combat for instance) it becomes neccesary to do live chat. This is on a case-per-case basis and the final edited combat or event will be posted by the GM into the forum.

The general method of a post is as follows:

  • Gamemaster writes an intro scene
    • Players respond individually with action or dialog. They are encouraged to write their replies in third-person action (like a novel) which will increase readability, but it isn't a necessity. (and as far as I know retroactively editing replies isn't possible).
    • GM will fill in pauses and replies as well as possible.
  • Gamemaster posts next situation or resolution.

A Typical Game Exchange

Submitted by GM (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-05 15:47.

The Burnfly Egg Tavern reeked with the smell of old ale and Fefferberries. All around you the remains of the so-called Uprising were still being removed by the members of the Smoo – The Ghyllian Second Mercenary Union (SMU). The horror of the scene was a testament to the ruthless efficiency of your commander Baron Hank von Grupang. You had heard him called "The Butcher Baron" before and at this moment the moniker seemed very appropriate.

You tried not to stare as the man himself stepped into the Tavern from the back where he was supervising the burial of the bodies. "There you are. I have been waiting almost 30 minutes since I sent for you specifically. What is your excuse for being late? Never mind. I don't need to know. In fact all I need to know is.." he paused thoughtfully, "hang on a second. Show me your papers. I know you are all green recruits, I need to see them to make sure you aren't in with them."

He pauses thoughtfully as you struggle to remember where your papers are, or if you even have any.

Submitted by PLAYER1 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-05 15:51.

Plasnik whipped out his papers and stepped forward with what he hoped looked like confidence. "Private First Class Plasnik reporting!' he said a little louder than he intended.

Submitted by PLAYER2 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01- 01-06 07:25.

Kerina nearly stepped into Plasnik's backside trying to hand over her papers. * Brown-noser,* she thought angrily. She extended her arm over Plasnick's shoulder. * Short brown-noser,* she amended internally before announcing, "Private Kerina Herzog, Sir."

Submitted by GM (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-06 15:40.

Von Grupang took the papers and glanced through them before handing them back. He nodded thoughtfully as he considered the recruits before him. "I selected you because I know your families. You two come from good stock and I am trusting you with an awesome responsibility. I will have to deal with this mess for months and it will make me far too public a figure to dig where I need to dig. You two will be my eyes and ears. I am authorizing you both to find out who started this fiasco of an Uprising and to get back to me with the name of the culprit. Turn over all the rocks you have to, rouse folks out of bed if you need info, and above all, keep it quiet. No good getting killed before you get started. Any questions?"

A Typical OOC Exchange

Submitted by PLAYER1 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-05 15:51.

Do we have papers? Or is he bullshitting us?

Submitted by PLAYER2 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-05 16:02.

How tall is Plasnik, PLAYER1?

Submitted by GM (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01- 01-05 16:45.

You have your recruiting papers. These are basically a sheaf of letters from people testifying to your character and lineage. Think of it as referrals for your first job.

Submitted by PLAYER1 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-05 17:14.

I think he's 4 unanits tall. That's about a meter and a half isn't it?

Submitted by GM (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01- 01-05 18:24.

PLAYER1, That would be very average for a Male Ghyllian. Females are possibly slightly larger (they are among most insects).

Submitted by PLAYER2 (not verified) on Mon, 2004-01-06 07:24.

Oh i think they are definately taller. I am making Kerina five unanits tall.

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