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Backtracking Entries

I have to record this somewhere becasue I always forget. This is sort of a checklist to see if I recorded everything everywhere it needs to be:

In the entries themselves it is:

  • Body Text
  • Citations: 1 existing, 2 phantoms (only 1 new - since 2nd round)
  • Signature
  • Category (in the form [ [ Category:blah ] ] ) since you can never seem to remember this you git.

After the entry is complete then the backtracking begins:

I think that's about it.

Spurious Terms

I had this idea that there are a few "spurious terms" that have no Earthly analog and that are not references, citations or phantoms. This means that there are essentially UNDEFINED terms in the encyclopedia.

As I find them I'll add them here for reference:

Defined in context:


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