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Ginestre, Ghyll Scholar

No reliable information is available, but rumours abound. Although the scholar (sic) signs with one name alone, and a relatively common forename to boot, many have nonetheless identified the persona with Ginestre Yndig, one time journalist and contributor to the Folktown Records until dismissed under suspicion of necromancy. It has also been suggested that Ginestre is now no more than a hack in the pay of whichever secret service currently offers the most. But worse has also been suggested both of and by others. Some have also affirmed that - since "ginestre yndig" is clearly an anagram of "regent is dying" that the scholar's true identity is not a single person at all, but rather a group of elderly and fanatical shoe-makers of arcane and murky purpose.

Ginestre, Ghyll Player

Born in Canada, raised in London- the real one, in Europe - I now live and work on the slopes of Europe's highest active volcano- Mount Etna in Sicily, where I have been since 1982. I have an unimpeded view of the summit from my kitchen. Ache, hearts!

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