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Talliesin, Ghyll Scholar

After 16 years of research in Folktown University, Talliesin completed his doctoral thesis "To say or not, an exploration of etiquette with particular focus of whether you should let a woman know her underwear is showing or that her clothes are practically transparent when the light is right". Two years later he sued the University and they reluctantly handed him his doctorate. It was however clear that he would not become a professor and his academic career was destroyed.

Failing remarkably to commit suicide through a combination of hanging, poisoning, and bloodletting he felt he had no better choice than to engage in the kind of petty sensationalist journalism he had been accused of engaging in when refused his doctorate. When the encyclopædia began seeking authors he saw this as a way to work his way back into more serious writing. Old habits die hard though, and he is always on the look-out for a juicy scandal amongst his fellow scholars.

Talliesin, Ghyll Player

Didn't get as far as a degree. Politely averts his gaze. Despises sensationalist journalism.

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