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Made from the finest wormwood imported from the Xurient, vlorm smoking has become quite the rage in recent years. Vlorms of lesser quality are made right in our very own Folktown, but the true connoisseur of the "Xuriental Habit" will always prefer the superior flavor, and visions, produced by imported material. Originally designed for inhalation directly through the nasal passages, some of the recent local versions of the vlorm are designed to be smoked through the mouth while clutched in the mandibles. Again, however, the truly devout of the vlorm life would never think of using these inferior models of so called "modern" vlorms. Indeed, it is the distinctive nature of the originally imported vlorms that gave rise to the popular phrase "Put that in your Vlorm and snort it!" Though, it may take a Stone of Wisdom to interpret the exact meaning of this phrase, it would seem to be a form of supplication to the wisdom of the vlorm smoker to wrap their expanded consciousness around the idea which preceded the command.

Originally, vlorms were used in the Xurient by master story-tellers, who used the hallucinatory vapors to weave images directly into the minds of the audience. Later, individuals used vlorms for their own personal enjoyment and to broaden their minds to see visions of a universe that Ghyllians only dare imagine. The first known use of a vlorm in the greater Folktown area was, of course, as part of an Amphitheatre aristocracy performance at the 'Daver one warm Conti evening in -185 EC. That particular vlorm, which was an imported antique, was roughly the same size as a Freege Horn. The visions were so powerful that flash backs are being felt even today by some of the descendants of the original audience. Modern vlorms, however, are much more portable and considerably less potent.

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--Doctor Phineas Crank 21:25, 23 Mar 2005 (EST)

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