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As the "original" vlorm snorter outside the Xurient, Xlardamnf is often referred to as the Stone of Wisdom. Indeed, he toked up on so much five-o-clock tea plant in his lifetime that his vlorm is enshrined in a special, mind-expanded wing of the Odlucian Library. Old Xlardamnf is a mysterious figure who seemed to spring forth fully-formed in Folktown just about the same time as the infamous Amphitheatre aristocracy vlorm performance at the 'Daver in -185 EC. Some say he was the mystic who snorted the performance, but others seem to think he was just a wanderer who followed the theoalchemical "scent" of the antique vlorm used in the performance. What is known for sure is that Xlardamnf circulated pamphlets filled with esoteric wisdom from the Xurient and that he dispensed from the Stone of Wisdom at the center of Folktown. Oddly enough, that particular Stone was a very large boulder, the top of which was quite high, and was conveniently located within mad-ranting distance of the 'Daver. It was to this high perch that Xlardamnf's followers gathered, snorting their vlorms and chanting against the Conflict That Is Not Happening with slogans of "Darseed Flower Power" and "Make Whelps, Not War". Naturally, this led some of the more "conservative" political carousers of Folktown to react quite strongly many times. The most extreme was in -156 EC when they actually stoned the "Stone of Wisdom" to death. The irony of his nickname was not lost on either the stoners, his followers or the historians who recorded the event from the relative safety of the 'Daver.

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--Doctor Phineas Crank 22:00, 7 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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