York of Brahang

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York of Brahang was the son of an innkeeper and became famous for his shocking investigations into various subjects. This fame quickly ended when everyone who knew of his findings were killed and all copies of his books destroyed. This made York feel suppressed and depressed.

Not many of York's findings have been refound. It is unknown if this is because there were not many to begin with, or if many were destroyed so well that they seem to simply not exist. The Bureau of Recovered Knowledge is currently searching for anything that might have come from York. The two most prominent discoveries have been about Lord Glosfordshier and York's even now controversial discussions about the Creator. All copies of York of Brahang's documents are stored within the Unquisition for safe keeping.

After York's suppression, some believe he turned to song writing, with hits such as That Minstrel in the Corner is Weirding me Out.

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--Leonard J. Keatings 23:56, 16 Apr 2005 (EDT)

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