What class do you play most often?


I've only played sneaky rangers and a monk. And yes, monks suck.

How many of the other selected that becasue they play a subclass (paldin frex) that the main group? How many picked other becasue they don't play D&D, but some other d20 work? Just curious.


I play combination class characters. I hate being limited by class.

I always think I'm going to play another class, but I can't resist the massive feat bonus for playing a human fighter.

My vote went for 'Wizard' though I play other classes as well....but arcane characters are closest to my heart, I love tinkering with spells and finding unusual uses for them...besides most other players I know seem to love playing grunts so I like to provide a bit of balance.

The class I seem to play least often is cleric.

Human Rogue/Sorcerer.

I've been playing a druid lately named Craigh MacDerwydd. As much as I've always loved playing, I've always suffered from the dreaded "I'm-used-to-being-the-dm" syndrome that overtakes those of us that have spent the better part of 2 decades on the crunchy side of the screen. This character is different though. He's gonna last.

He's not a typical druid at all...in fact, I based him entirely on descriptions of proper druids from Irish and Scottish folklore, most notably the Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom. To say he's earthy would be an understatement.

After this, who knows? Probably a Bard...kinda a cross between Hendrix, Dylan, and Lennon.

I don't get a chance to play that often, but the character I'm working with currently is a politician. Fun stuff.