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Hunkered down behind a handful of dice or stack of manuals? Itching to tap, flip, crank, roll, save, or measure? Discuss paper, board, card, and war gaming here.
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Have your sweaty palms shorted out a gamepad? Ever bandaged your thumbs to play for a few more hours? Spent another week unlocking everything? If you're a console or computer gamer, here's your chance to spout some bits.
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Spurned by the likes of Quistis and the Evil Overlord of Gamegrene, The Off-Topickers hide out here, discussing and maligning a wide array of subjects ranging from irrevocably infantile to culturally confounding.
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This forum is intended for maintenance items related to Gamegrene including bugfixes, mini-improvements, user complaints or suggestions, spam removals, and so forth.
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Ninja Burger, a PDQ-based game about ninja who deliver hamburgers.
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by arvo
there is a Voice inside your head

the Voice tells you things about the future, and the past
things about yourself, and about other people
sometimes good things, sometimes bad things
and sometimes very, very bad things

some people think you're losing your mind
but the Voice says you're not losing
the Voice says you're gaining

Vox role-play experiment. In-character posts only. No specific rules. No limit on players. Freeform. Join in any time.
E-mail aeon (at) with OOC questions.
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by aeon