Any Pathfinder fans?


So, the final version of the Pathfinder RPG is coming in a few months - by association, this is the next big thing for 3.5 rules. I was curious if any members are a fan of Pathfinder, and have been following the adventure paths and other supplements that are out? How do you feel about it? Great as it seems? I have the first full AP, but never actually read it - I was impressed by the production values, however, and immense amount of information available (I *hate* rules; I'm a story guy only). And it looks like the fans are also producing pretty decent material too:

And now there's a "Pathfinder Compatible" logo out there too, ala d20:

I always thought this was a stellar idea. With no interest in 4e, and a huge interest in the other adventure paths that Paizo did in Dungeon (RIP you poor beast) I was stoked that this was happening.

Then, I proceeded to take a (now over) break from fantasy and didn't take a single look at any of it. LOL

I'm generally approving of Paizo and their values. I love the adventure paths they produced for 3rd edition - Shackled City, Age of Worms and Savage Tide.

The only thing I will say, from having browsed the Pathfinder beta download, is that although I like the look and feel of the product, there's a fair deal of mechanical power creep going on there with the base classes. If I were starting over with a fresh campaign I might be interested, but my existing 3.5e campaign is fine as is. And I have a backlog of campaign material that shows no signs of drying up for a long time to come. So I probably won't be buying heavily into Pathfinder RPG. But I really wish those guys every success.