I thought an OOC-exclusive topic might be in order in case people have questions.

A few general notes for onlookers and players:

* Nothing in THIS Meta topic influences anything in the other topics. However, anything in any other topic -- even if it's clearly OOC chatter -- might come into play. Anything said or described in any scene might (or might not) influence things in other scenes, immediately or in the future. This is in keeping with the spirit and desired gameplay of Vox.

* The general confusion one might get from reading these threads out of chronological sequence is a) not to be feared, b) actually ideal, and c) in keeping with the mood and themes of Vox. I mean this not just from the sense of the scenes taking place in various times and places, but also from the order of the posts. Hopefully you should be able to read them all at once and still walk away knowing what's going on.

* The basic themes being explored here are generally covered in the Vox metaplot, but there are no specific details carried over from the rulebook. To be clear: I am not specifically using any of the setting materials from the book, nor any characters. I am making this up as we go along and I encourage you to do the same.

* This PBP game is still, and forever will be, open to new players. Drop in, drop out, bring in new characters, pretend to be Voices, what have you. Each scene as written should contain ample characters and plot devices for anyone to jump in and out as they please. Not every character will be connected to other characters, but as mentioned above that possibility will always be open.

* Nothing is off limits. The only rule here is the basic rule of Improv: never say "no," always say "yes, but." Everything should add to the story, and nothing should retcon or nullify any earlier post. Anything legitimately added to a scene remains part of that scene; it can be ignored or avoided, but it cannot be retroactively removed.

Wow, Gil.

Can I just say goddamn, man. That was pretty freaking sweet.

Thanks, I'm really enjoying these threads. I'm eager to see where it all goes.

I like how you have to change direction on things not only for the changing landscape in the one thread, but to account for how things are changing in the other threads.

I wonder how it can work at a gaming table. This would make an interesting RPG I think. :)

Hopefully that makes sense.

It's freaking awesome. This is the best trailer for an upcoming attraction I've had the pleasure of being a part of. Yeah, this really peaks interest in the game. Once I have some spare pocket change I'll definitely be buying this one. There you go, aeon. You've made one customer already.

I'm going to be unplugged for a couple of days. I've got a D&D weekend at a friend's farm. Feel free to post on Eddie's behalf.

Hope you don't mind me infecting Jack a little myself, Scott. You seemed to want one of us to do so...

Don't let physicality prevent you from all inhabiting the same body.

There is a thread on to recruit for a Vox game over there. That will be more traditional PBP with dice rolls. There's room for one or two more.

I'm camping for the weekend, and won't be back until Monday night. Do what thou wilt with James, as he's a bit of a dick anyways. LOL. I kinda like the barber though. Fafik could cut my hair any day.

lol very nice scott

I may have to take a bit off from this due to a huge amount of work that occasionally makes me forget to eat.

Feel free to keep it going.

lol yeah you better keep eating. don't worry we seem to be going crazy down here. i think you may have unleashed something we all may regret...

Between work and a new campaign taking up all my time, I totally lost interest in this. Sorry guys. :(

No problem. We can rocks fall everybody dies it.