I need more victims...


For those of you who read my Evil GM Tricks you may be wondering why my articles have been so infrequent over the last few years. I've written less articles, because I've worked on a lot more fiction. I've had several stories published, and continue to get my work out there.

The thing is, my primary love is and always has been writing novels. Ever since I was a child I've wanted to walk into a bookstore and find my book sitting there in the Sci Fi and Fantasy section.

I'm closer to that goal than I've ever been, and have finally completed a novel manuscript. Now I'm in the process of editing it, which is the point of this post. I'm looking for a few more people who are willing to read it and give some creative feedback.

When I say feedback, I don't want to scare you. The grammar and syntax are pretty close to perfect, so you won't be spell checking or correcting my prose. What I need to know has more to do with the story. Is the plot interesting? Do the characters make sense? How could I improve things? Those are the sorts of questions I'm looking for answers to.

The novel is written for White Wolf's Exalted setting, so if you are familiar with the game that's a plus. The whole thing is about 300 pages long, so be aware...this is no small project! Anyway, I appreciate any help I can get. If you'd like to help either email me at arkelias@yahoo.com or post here please!

Sent my email. Just FYI