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Some few weeks ago, I happened across a mention of a contest relating to a new product line of theirs: photographic mini books. These are high-quality pocket-sized books that must be purchased in sets of 3 or 4, with a "break-even" price point of something like $30.

Out of all mini-books created before a certain date, Lulu would choose 10 that represented the most creative use of this new format. Examples they gave were of wedding photo albums, resumes, travel guides, and the like. Of the 10 they choose, the public gets to vote on the top 3, which receive a cash prize for their creators.

I entered the contest with four goals:

1) Justify why you would need to buy three identical copies of a book at a time.
2) Do something that no one else was going to do (a role-playing game), thus making it "creative."
3) Do something that had wider appeal (i.e., not a fantasy RPG); namely, something with a horror theme.
4) Do it at no cost; all images in the book would be Flickr CC By.

My efforts paid off. Recently I received an email telling me that I was selected as one of the final 10.

My creation is here:

Voting runs from August 4 through 17 and takes place here:

Vote for The House!

That is all.

Dude, you're winning. That book looks really cool man. I might buy it when I feel like I have some spending money. It looked like fun!'ve got a funny last name ;)