GM methods.


I got a few questions. What are the methods for planning a game. so far i have come up with this method of an event web/time line. Is this common among gms. I pre-roll all encounters as well there is no "Random" encounters in this game but mostly I'm just looking for tips on how to make a better game not necessarily dramatic or Deep in RP though last time we had some rp a PC woke up in a flaming building while another PC on watch was giggling like a ninny.

Are you looking for story ideas or a better organization system or what? I'm a little confused as to what exactly you're asking.

better organization.

For my D&D campaign I would study the monsters I was going to use for a while beforehand, which helps you figure out what rules you need. I'm personally bad at remembering rules so I would even rewrite notes to help myself remember the special abilities with the monsters.

Keeping a list of the PCs' AC and HP for battle is really helpful. Also, keep a chart of baddies and their HP for battles on the side is good. I used to do a lot of huge army battles and this was vital for keeping up with everything. I used up so much graph paper for that.

I also kept a journal online so that the players and I could look at recaps. I had a long running campaign, so if any of us needed to remember a NPC's name from long ago or certain plot points necessary to move forward, it would be in the recap.

Hope this helps!