I'm back!


Hey, guys, it's me. Sorry I've been out. I got hit with losing my job and starting school again at the same time and have been dying ever since. I finally found a new job, though, and am trying to make that work out. So, yeah. Sorry I've been out, and now I'm back.

Congrats on the new job. Things have been pretty quiet for a while. We're waiting for Aeon to post some cool new thing to put a spark of life back into things around here. Done any RPing while on hiatus?

lol well, maybe we'll have to beat him to the punch and post something ourselves.

I've done a little with my family but people got really busy for a little while and we haven't been able to play for a while. I'm hoping to get things back up during the break. You?

Yeah, I've got a regular game I play in most Sundays for about 5 hours, and I DM for a different group that gets together every six-eight weeks for a whole Saturday (8AM til late). We have a forum that we use for the between times to keep things flowing as far as individual activities, roleplaying, history, etc.

I've only got the stat holidays off this year, so I get to sit in the office with a skeleton crew and answer all the usual year-end questions from clients -- physical inventory, payroll updates, year-end close, etc. As strange as it seems to me I consult on and implement various financial software packages. Wierd stuff. If my guidance counsellor had ever suggested that I would being doing such a thing -- I think I would have punched him in the face.

We've got the kids down from Christmas until New Year's -- so the house will be pretty busy. I've got to go to work; get some shopping done and then be festive. Have a very merry Christmas time!

Also, enjoy the holiday season regardless of religion or custom!

lol thanks. I celebrate Christmas, but am non-religious, myself.

Yeah, who knows where we'll all end up. I hope to be doing what I want to do in the future, but you never know.

That's cool that you've got some good steady gaming. I'm gonna have to find me a group that I can play in that'll fit my style. We'll see.