Yeah, I'm back. With News.


Yes, Theo has returned from beyond the shadows to come back with a vengeance, and in my RP group we had experiences ranging from "Dungeon's Eleven" (first time I've ever done a bank heist in high fantasy) to "The marriage of Rogues & Liars" (sadly, not half as oriingal a story as the title, but ah well). Anyhow, long story short, I've been up to all sorts of zany hijinks, including (best sit down for this one)...


Yeah, I'm helping get a convention started. In Reno, Nevada.

That link will guide you to our personal madness. Best of luck finding your way in.

Conventionally yours,

Dude, that's way cool. I'll have to decline to go due to money constraints and the fact that I'm not really into anime. I enjoy the good stuff, but I'm not a huge fan of it. :( sorry.

We should totally get a gaming con set up. We should do like a gamegrene convention. That'd be the coolest thing ever.

And welcome back!

Tzuriel, it's gonna be pretty gamer-heavy regardless. Heck, I've got Robert Weise as a possible guest right now, provided it all goes well. has a lot of Robert Weise's. Care to shed some light on that mystery?

That's really cool, man. I'd come just to meet you but I don't have enough money right now to fill my car up with gas or even pay for my food. I'm mooching off my family until paychecks start coming in, which hopefully will be soon. Regardless, though, it'll be a while before I'm able to do much for myself. Otherwise, I would also throw away all the love and money I put in my rat too.

So, maybe another time. Like you said before, we owe each other some cookies or something. What anime are you into? I regret to say there's still much anime I have yet to watch.

Honestly, I'm more in it for the lulz. On the side of sanity, I'd say I dig either the artsy stuff, the comedies, and the occasional martial-arts one. But then, how coudl my love of kung-fu not extend to anime?Always was a martial-arts geek at heart.

Oh, Robert Wiese as in "I invented living greyhawk and ran the RPGA for a bit" Robert Wiese.

Ah ok. Never was too much of a fan of greyhawk.

I'm a sucker for good martial arts stuff myself. Comes with training in it. You never really get to smash someone's face in, so you watch movies where others do it for you. It's very convenient. So, yeah, I was a huge fan of DBZ back when I was a kid, and it still holds a special place in my heart despite that, on rewatch, you realize just how corny it is. But Kamehameha, man! That's stuff's awesome, and always will be lol. I've seen a few of the artsy things, like I saw Grave of the Fireflies, which was incredibly depressing. I haven't yet seen any of Hiyao Miyazaki' stuff yet, though it's on my list. I've watched good chunks of Rurouni Kenshin and Gundam Wing (the only good Gundam series IMHO), as well as some other stuff that's not coming to mind right now. Any suggestions on what's good?

G-gundam is funny, although the rampanat stereotyping of every culture on the planet gets crazier as the series play on throughout.

Miyazaki makes great art pieces. If you're into action, Cowboy Bebop's brilliant. as a dm, I find Those Who Hunt Elves and Slayers to be really, really funny looks at the "traditonal fantasy setting(tm)", and even funnier is the fact I know who in my campaing woudl do those sorts of things. A personal favorite of mine was deifnitely Kenshin, the whole series is just really killer.

Yeah, I really enjoyed Kenshin, though I haven't finished it. I've heard Cowboy Bebop's really good, and I recall hearing about Slayers. Yeah, I love artsy movies so I'll have to look into Miyazaki. I'll probably always prefer live action to animated, but it's still worth looking into and exploring the medium.