3D dungeon Tiles I invented


Hey everyone, I've been playing RPG's since High School.. Well I have kids now and started playing the d&d 4e with them and they love it! so we play every weekend now.
To make a long story short. I'm a designer and created a dungeon creating system to enhance the Tiles that 4E uses. I took them to the local game store and everyone there Loved them and told me i need to sell them online. SOOO.. I finally launched the website. And I would just like to get some other fellow gamers opinions on it. I would love to give some away just to get your feedback or some testimonials for the site as well.

If you would like to see some pictures I have a gallery here is a link:

just click the gallery button.

Anway.. I look forward to your feedback!

Thank you!

OOPS! Here is the actual direct link to the gallery. http://www.3D-Dungeon-Tiles.com/gallery.htm

So, do you just download and assemble? That's the problem for me. I just don't have the time for art projects, and have balked at the price of MasterMaze (Dwarven Forge) products. I'd love to try some out if they are pre-assembled; otherwise I'd pass.

I love the idea of 3-D terrain, especially cities and towns.

Yeah, 3-d urban environments are truly nifty. Heck, if you wnat to bring soem to SNAFU-con, we'd defintiely be more than happy to have them in our game room. Shoot me an e-mail thingy at my "username" @gmail.com if your'e interested. Or just look at our website:


yeah I guess having some pre-assembled ones for sale on the site would be a good idea you think?

They really are quite easy to put together though..

Snafucon!!! sweet.

OH I do believe that the next 3D tile will be 3D Urban. That has been a big request.
I will let you know when there is a sample ready to look at.

Pre-Assembled definitely. They look really nice. I have barely enough time to prepare for a game any more as it is. Sell me something that is cool, adds to my game, and fits the budget and I'm there. I don't have time to hang around stores, paint minis, or assemble terrain -- but, I would sure be like to help you out with an order (pre-assembled).

yeah that would be great. I think i'm going to look into getting them mass produced. they are basically just a rectangular box with full color printing around the whole thing.. I could probably get 1,000 of them for pretty cheap. and since it's a common box shape i wouldn't have to pay for a custom die cut. If I did that they would be better quality too.

Let me ask you this.. would it be too much to just fold them? as it is now you have to print cut out then fold. If i mass produced.. it would be like 10 in a pack and you just fold the box together.



Yeah, folding would be just fine. If they were pre-cut on to stiff board, I could just fold and go.

I just finished making a Town 3D Dungeon Tile. I put them up for free. I know you said you didn't want to take the time to cut them out but try it out. They are free to download. Just let me know what you think. Here is the direct link to the page where you can download them.

or if you just want to check out a picture of the new tiles just click here: http://www.3D-Dungeon-Tiles.com and click on Gallery. The new image is the first one.

Hey guys! I am just finishing up a pre-made set of the dungeon tiles! it's going to come with a carrying case.. 10 long walls, 10 Short walls, 4 curved pieces, 10 windows, 10, doors, 2 sets of stairs, and 4 pillars, also the DVD files to print more if you need them! so those of you that don't want to cut out and put together.. this one is for you. It should be up on the site today sometime!


this is a truly phenomenal idea. if i had a printer i'd pop some off myself. no more bbad drawings from me. my pc's will be happy.