Shattered Galaxy


It's not often you get a brilliant new game from an unknown publisher that creates a new genre in PC gaming. Nexon has given us just that with their ground breaking title, Shattered Galaxy. Imagine playing StarCraft with a few hundred of your closest friends. Yup, a Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy.

It's not often you get a brilliant new game from an unknown publisher that creates a new genre in PC gaming. Nexon has given us just that with their ground breaking title, Shattered Galaxy.

Shattered Galaxy is a MMORTS. That's Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy for you acronymophiles. Imagine playing StarCraft with a few hundred of your closest friends. The game is based around a character you make. The character controls your units in the battle telepathically. Meaning they're never actually on the battlefield, only the units are. Your character has many attributes. Some you can control. Others you cannot. The four basic attributes you assign when building your character are: Tactics, Clout, Education, Mechanical Aptitude. Each of these has impacts on the kinds of units you can command, how they are equipped, and how you interact with the other commanders.

The attributes break down basically like this:

Tactics influences how many units you personally command. The commander with the highest tactics rating is also in charge of the battle they're in. They can say who gets to join the fight or not. A base commander can control 6 units. They can control an additional unit for every 20 points of tactics they have.

Clout controls 3 aspects. First and most important, the kinds of units you can command. More advanced unit types require a high clout rating. Secondly, it determines how much tribute the commander receives. This is your paycheck. It's needed to buy, repair, and refit units. Lastly when viewing the planet map, if your clout is 10 points higher than another in a battle, you will be able to see the type of units they're fielding. This is useful when determining what to join a battle with. Every 2 points of clout increases your influence rating by 1.

Education simply determines the tech level of the weapons, armour, etc. that you can put on your units. Every 2 points of Education increases your tech level by 1. This is added to the level of the unit to determine the tech level it can use.

Mechanical Aptitude, or MA as it's known in the game, determines how much weight a unit can carry. Armour, weapons, sensors, and other items have a weight rating. A higher MA allows a unit to use heavy armour and weapons.

Attributes you cannot directly control are Honor and Prestige. These are ratings that allow other commanders to judge how proficient you are on the battle field. Honor increases by finishing battles against players. It decreases when fighting aliens in caves or retreating from battles. Prestige increases when you win and goes down when you are defeated. You character will also have a win/loss rating, Character level, and may earn awards and medals.

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Your character level is rather misleading. When pulling up a list of commanders, a level will be shown. This is the highest level that the commander has in one of four areas. Infantry, Mobile, Aviation, and Organic. Infantry is the rating in infantry units. Mobile is for vehicles. Aviation is for flying units. Organic is for Alien/Xeno units. The level rating is deceiving because a 4/4/4/4 commander will show as level 4 while a 16/1/1/1 will show level 16. Thus the level 4 commander may well be as powerful as the level 16 commander.

Another important aspect is unit design. You buy base model units from the factory in your faction's capital, then drag them off to the lab for modification. You can completely customize the unit's load out with power sources, engines, weapons, armour, sensors, and special equipment. This is where MA and education is critical. Better equipment has a higher tech and weight rating. A balance between offensive capability and defensive systems is a tricky balance. I like most players favor big guns over armour. If you can blow them away before they get to shoot back much, who needs armour. On the other end, units with very high defensive ratings are needed for specific tasks in a battle such as defending or taking points of control. Special equipment can allow some units to launch nuclear weapons, cloak, jam radar, infiltrate (appear like a friendly unit to the enemy), collect raw resources, heal/repair units, move faster, and much more. Each unit has it's own load out of special items it can use. These are well documented at on the Shattered Galaxy website.

To pick a fight is simple and complex. The act of joining a fight is easy. Open planetary map. Right clock on an open fight. Your commander trudges off to it. Picking which fight to join is the hard part. Joining a fight where your faction outnumbers the enemy is an easy win, but you will get little or no experience points for it. A fight where your faction is vastly outnumbered is a gamble. Your reinforcements may help turn the tide of the battle, or you might get stomped like a narc at a biker bar. You sometimes get some experience when losing a fight, if you managed to get a decent number of kills. But nothing like you will receive for winning.

How a battle is one or lost is based off of one thing. A point of control, or POC as they're referred to in game. When your commander enters a fight, there will be 3-6 POCs on the map. The battle is over when either the attacking faction controls all the POCs, time runs out, or the attacking side has no units left. To act of taking control of a POC is easy. Park a ground based unit on it and sit there for 40 seconds. That's a lot harder than it sounds. A well defended POC will be covered by artillery, ground attacking aircraft, heavy armour and infantry. So parking a unit on there and having it survive for 40 seconds is not easy. It takes a coordinated assault to get through that. Anti air units to take out the ground attacking aircraft. Fast attack units to find and destroy the artillery units. A mix of offensive artillery, armour, and hard hitting infantry to take out defenders. Sometimes a nuke will do the job as well.

Battles in the game somewhat mirror real life. They are chaotic, often not well coordinated, and have a lot of causalities. For a brand new commander this is overwhelming. Stick with it and ask questions. Most other players are happy to give tips or guide you. Don't worry if you are destroyed in a battle. You are put in 'reinforcement' mode. Basically have to sit and watch the fight for about 75 seconds then you can reinforce with a different set of units. Simply hit F7 and select your next set of units. When the timer runs out, hit the reinforce button and you're back in action. If you run out of units, you'll have to retreat and head back to the capitol to repair them. This will cost you in honor, prestige, and experience. But as there is a limit of 16 commanders per battle per side, it is better for your faction for you to retreat and let a commander with fresh units in so your side can win the fight.

Shattered Galaxy has a full blown political system as well. As you rise in levels (rank) you gain more political power. Once you have consolidated enough power, you can nominate yourself for vote as Overlord. The Overlord is the commander of the entire faction. They can issue orders, make foreign policy, and shape domestic policy. They can name their council as well. There are also sub groups of a faction known as regiments. Regiments typical try to organize their assaults and attack as a team. As a member of a regiment you can typically count on backup if you call for help in a fight and are expected to help other members if they call for it as well.

Another aspect to make things more interesting is faction rankings. Factions are ranked based on how much territory they control, win ratios, and resource control. The tier ranking appears on the official Shattered Galaxy website at Higher ranked tiers will be placed on different worlds with other higher ranked tiers. This keeps balance and prevents a faction from dominating a particular world indefinitely.

Shattered Galaxy is not without it's bugs however. It was in an open beta for 18 months and many many balance and gameplay issues were well tweaked. As in any online game, lag is your worst enemy. Playing Shattered Galaxy can be difficult during peak Internet usage time in the evenings through no fault of Nexon or the player. But the game does sometimes do some bizarre things. Since the game went commercial recently, I have found one bug to be particularly annoying. After a battle when the game returns to 'hero' mode. I cannot see my character nor navigate the map. I have to log off and back on at that point. This is painful if you're involved in a big push, especially if you're steamrolling over the opposition. You can lose out on a lot of experience because of that.

On the flip side, Nexon is very diligent about resolving these issues and also does many events to keep things in a constant state of flux. For example, a formal war declared between two factions, alien uprisings, and planetary climate changes can radically change gameplay. Nexon will occasionally do a rejuvenation event where all characters will be reset. Characters will receive accomplishment points to purchase special units and equipment for the next round that could not be purchased normally.

Overall, Shattered Galaxy is a great game. Innovative concepts and active participation from Nexon have groomed the game into one that is fun to play without the Pokemon "Gotta get em all" mentality of item hoarding and questing in current crops of Massive Multiplayer Online games currently available. Shattered Galaxy offers a lot of interactive play that is rewarding and a lot of fun. It can be gotten at any major software retailer and has a monthly fee like EverQuest or Anarchy Online do. I've been playing the open beta for a year and feel it's absolutely worth the money in it's current commercial form.

Damn, the game has certainly come a long way since phase 2 beta testing ;)

Not many more people playing in the commerical though :)

SG > You

I saw the write up in one of the PC mags and thought gee its free and scifi sounds interested. I will say that it was a good game and a lot of fun. I would recommend the game to anyone

In Asia,,, there's no SG disc available yet....i'm Singaporean,,,so i can't play in the commerical !!!

Say how much a month does it cost for shattered galaxy? Are there free trials? Are there canadian sites like for Battlenet or is it just one big server?

I'm interested in playing the game. Anyhow I guess I'll just check out the site.

There are many many folks from Singapore in the game. Perhaps looking at the sgalaxy website would remedy this confusion?

A free demo of the game can also be downloaded from the site. It currently costs $9.95 a month to play.


darn it! I played this game when it was free but than lacked time and lost the site when changing cpu, now I look for the site again just to find out it costs money now, that's lame I'm just a poor guy with not much time to play. Can someone give me the URL anyways?

oh kay
look, the enigma, i play a game, i play very few games, well, none besides sg. Now, I am not hardcore, some seem to live on the server, but I cannot. Now, i hear there are certain hacks around and no one knows where I can pick up one or two ... I am beginning to think that they don't even exist. But on the off chance that they do, I need to find the god hack or the money hack, so I can play a cave or 100 and up grade my units. Or the ex. hack would be kewl too.

Do you know where to pick up the HACKS for
Shattered Galaxy. if you do, please email me at

thanks for your time

LOL!! These are old pictures...
Patch 1.5 is allready out, with loads of changes and the old big-4 are back (argus, gronor, brinell, dulc) :)
It got a new interface and loads of new weapons.

I can't say if it's more fun then 1.03 was, you gotta find out yourself.

Greetzz.... -=Skonuh=-

Sgalaxy is now for free now(unlimited).
However, if you register, you get more advantages: can reincarnate your char, get more exp, do full dam, etc.

This is free...Just if you get the premuin account you have much more to do!

omg this game is so fat, i joust would like new factions, the
3 now are ok but new names wouldnt be bad, oh and also
new colors, blue red yellow are lame, i liked more the old
ones, more realistic ^^


I gotta tell you. This game is good. Beside the jerks who like to lift your units and drop them in a sworm.... Other then that its a good game. Oh and id like to say... THERE ALOTE OF THEM jerks

3 years later, this game is still kicking and ok and I revived a dead post LOL

Low system requirements, and f2p cant argue with that.

This game ~was~ promising. (A good 8 years ago.) Now it's just dying fast.

0 updates, if anything, they're slowly removing content, and not to mention: If you have not played this game before and wish to try it, don't. New players get screwed hard. From the very start you'll be left without any instructions fighting against people that ~have~ been playing for eight years, and oh yes, they really do have 8 years worth of stats. Just do yourself a favor and stay away from this thing.

It'll be gone within the next year or two anyways.

Its not dying!

Yes its an old game but its quite unique and very playable. There are lots of players and it is a good fun game.

There are lots of instructions by pressing F1 you open up a massive database, when you start a new char you will also get a tutorial. It is a simple fun game to play, new players will get their asses kicked when you have 6 lv 1 units against 12 lv 22 units but thats to be expected it does not take long before your units are max level and you start kicking ass yourself. Its all about tactics.

Obviously this game was not for you Kijiri.

I must admit if i do have a complaint about the game it is that there are a lot of elite players who will dis you very fast if you bring the wrong units into the wrong battle at the wrong time. This is only because they want to win and bringing in a unit that take 6 mins to charge its weapon into a map with 6 mins left is a waste of space and anyone would count this a leeching exp.


I guess you have never tried to play on MP with all those veteran players from 8-9 years ago.

I believe Kajiri was referring to MP with those players who have been playing for 9 years. Yes, 9 years and have reincarnated everytime since the reincarnation was introduced in 2001. Those players have 25+ times of reincarnation with over 300 points worth of stats (non-reincarnated char only can have 236 max).

New players are just fine on relic, but definitely will have a hard time on MP. It's still do-able but far from fun with all those Elitist Regiments around where you sometimes will be asked to leave the battle as soon as it starts. Where is the fun in that for new players?

If you are just looking for fun in this game, then stay on relic, don't ever move up to MP unless you have some friends in an elite regiment on MP to get you into their Regiment or their battles, you won't really be able to have the real fun.

Btw, this game was actually dying until they let people play for free with a bit of penalty on their damage and stats and changing back the gameplay to how it was again. In 2002 if I remember correctly, Nexon made major changes to the game play which was extremely stupid and that's when many players quit including me. Many old players coming back again after finding out they have changed back the gameplay and letting people to play for free with minor penalties and since then SG is back alive again but not sure how long it will remain see-ing the current game-managing company doesn't do much update especially with more and more hacks/cheats around without getting banned.

the year 2009 sg the best mmorts ever produced to this day still exists dispite all the hard work fucking it up never updating it, never anymore enforcing that factions in any ways stay relitavley equal to ensure quality of play (yes its true the retarded 9year vets are preaty much all in 1 faction on MP now in an attempt to kill the game?) yes its true the only thing thats gonna revive sg is some new managment sell the dam game to a company that will actually log gms on once a month so they can experience the sadness & decrepitness of there community & perhaps make the small changes that will encourage the normal users to reappear.

Personally my hope is that some nice private dev will port this game to private server & relice it freely before the massive carcass of the current owners is eaten to nothing & the servers go down for good.. thow dated this game is still an awsome piece of techinical achivment & works extremley great the way it was intended to work (with acuall gm managment & an Overlord governing system both of wich were removed in the last few years due to the fact the owners want nothing more to do with there game than to collect the outrageous price price of 9.95$ a month...)

The game has changed very much, like SG-Player said.I played back in 05 and now MP is full of elitist regis.....
almost all battles are manual, and unless you belong to an elitist regi, u will not be able to enter the bttl.
If you can't bttl; you can't lvl. If you can't lvl. you won't even be looked at to join a regi.

now relic is fun, and there are plenty of ppl there willing to help you and regis willing to accept u with open arms.

aehm...well... i wasn't able to recognize any disadvantages as a "non-regiment" player... only a few fights are not "free for all", and i get accepted in most cases even if they're not... Its a good game, although the graphics are not that fascinating... but a really good games don't need good graphics to rock...

greetz Twel