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For the new year, we're starting a brand new feature here at Our Open Forum is a place for you, our readers, to post your comments and chat with other readers about whatever strikes your fancy. Got a game-related website you want to plug? Want to talk about this summer's glut of fantasy and sci-fi sequels? Interested in discussing a console or PC game that's slipped our notice? This is the place to do it.

For the new year, we're starting a brand new feature here at Our Open Forum is a place for you, our readers, to post your comments and chat with other readers about whatever strikes your fancy. Got a game-related website you want to plug? Want to talk about this summer's glut of fantasy and sci-fi sequels? Interested in discussing a console or PC game that's slipped our notice? This is the place to do it.

The Blade 2 trailer looks silly, and the new Queen of the Damned movie doesn't look much better. One thing they both have in common is plenty of action and very little horror. Has Buffy The Vampire Slayer truly destroyed the vampire fantasy genre for everyone? Where the heck has White Wolf gone? Are vampires just not scary any more?

And most importantly, will the fake glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth market dry up?

I am also disgusted with the new vampire movies. Interview... was fantastic, but I am afraid that this new Anne Rice-movie will rip the beauty of Lestat and Queen of The Damned to shreds. :(

Sephy stole Areis' hair and then killed her. What a basterd.

I have to say, the one movie that looks really interesting to me lately is the Brotherhood of the Wolf movie... anyone heard anything about it? Other than the TV ads I havn't seen very much on it.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is a French film being released in the states now. I assume it will be subtitled - there are trailers up at, but nobody says anything in them, so I assume they're speaking French.

Aeon: In NH, there are awards every year for the best local websites and yadda yadda yadda. Last year, the "Weird" award went to some flipping vampire site. Vampire is chic, cool, and hip, and probably truly started when Interview With A Vampire grabbed names like Cruise and Pitt. As for the Brotherhood of the Wolf, everytime I think of that movie, I think Ravenous for some reason.

Lupe: And no, you can't resurrect her.

One of the things that has been bugging me lately is Square. With their movie flop, their PS 2 debut flop (The Bouncer, released by them, but not developed internally), and the lackluster Japan response to the FFXI online thing (I think something like 60%+ said they didn't think FFXI was gonna be any good?), I'm worried that they're just going in the wrong direction.

FFX is pretty decent - I'm 30 hours into it now, although I'm not impressed with blitzball that much. The rendered scenes seem jaggy to me, but the voice acting is right on. I just want to see *other* stuff besides FF. Dare I say I'm sick to death of FF?

Brotherhood of the wolf was originally "Le Pacte des Loups" and it is lame as hell. It's a dumb movie and the creature is about as scarry as the giant hog in Razorback (an old BAD horror movie).

There is cool stuff in it. It's based upon the legend of a giant wolf that scared the shit out of the French locals for some years around the time of Napoleon. Actually there is a historical basis for this creature as Napoleon once sent a detachment of the French army to hunt the damn thing... Alot of books and essays were writen on this subject, most of them more interesting than the movie which somewhat resembles the Ghost and the Dark with a better budget.

By the way, Marvel comics killed the vampire genre a long time ago with their horror series first in the 70's (dracula and that guy who was the son of satan) and then circa 1990 (blade, ghost rider and the other loosers).

Then there's Dusk Till Dawn, John Carpenter's Vampires and the worts one: Dracula 2000.

I'll stop before gagging.

When you compare it to other movies, Blade is closer to White Wolf's World of Darkness than most of these movies. It's just that most of the vampires we saw there were either Brujahs or clanless. There were some Assamites, 1 Nospheratu and a whole bunch of Ventru. Basically it's the story of a Vampire game run by power players ;-b

Cthulhu Matata

Bwahahah. I remember Razorback. I saw that for the first time on Joe Bob's Monstervision. I love movies like that. Horrific. One of my fave movies is now Motel Hell, which I also caught on MV.

I tend to agree on the new vampire movies due to come out. They appear rather trumped up in the previews, and their "horror quality" appears downplayed for the sake of cheese, vampiric martial arts type sequences.

These movies may be something to see once, but I'll be going to a matinee showing if you know what I mean--for Blade 2, Queen of the Damned, and Brotherhood...

::Brotherhood of the wolf was originally "Le Pacte des Loups" and it is lame as hell.

Well, not quite. My review will be posted shortly. (PS. Gamemasters, don't tell your players, but there's a great game plot to steal here.)

The heretic who thought it would be a good idea to steal the music from Conan the Barbarian for use with the crapass Scorpion King trailer should be strung up by his private parts and devoured slowly by rats. Stealing plot I can almost allow. It happens all the time. But you do not steal one of the most brilliant film scores of all time. Utter heresy. I will go be disgusted now.

Aeon, have a link to the Scorpion King trailer download somewhere? I haven't been able to catch it on TV.

It looks and sounds just like Conan, which is cool, cuz along with LotR, Harry Potter, Brotherhood, etc., I think this signals a real genuine return to good old fashioned butt kicking fantasy movies. The music just bugs me.

Actually, it's worse than I thought. Watch the above trailer, and then watch the original Conan the Barbarian trailer. In places, it's almost shot for shot identical.

My group and I were playing MADNESS IN FREEPORT a D&D 3E module by... White Wolf? Man what a great last game we had!


Our whole party got wiped out last Saturday and boy was it great! We all died saving the world!

If you're playing this module please don't read on, even if it ain't a big spoiler, it might make the game less enjoyable for you.


Milton Drake, the Lord of Freeport is a nutcase who wants to bring back Yig the God Serpent and bring madness and destruction to the world. To that end he's built a huge tower called "Milton's Foly", which untill then we refered to as: "Milton's manhood issue". Two games ago we finally decided to take the bait and try to infiltrate the gods dammed thing at night (since 60% of the group sees in the dark).

Role Call: Lya (the cowardly female ½ elf rogue 3 fighter 3), Yasmina the 6th level human fighter (on her way to becoming an initiate of the bow), Vallaki male elf Cleric 1 Wizard 5th (my character), Engelbert male human Cleric 5th Fighter 1st, Vritz Male ½ Orc 5th barbarian 1st Druid.

After some fighting with the ground levels' scum, we get up the second to last level of the tower where we fight 6 snakemen (one of which was a 10th level wizard, ulp!) while Milton Drake and his second in command go up the stairs to start the ritual.

After a titanic clash of evocation magic, many arrows being fired and our last healing spells being spent, the snake man finally kills my character (I took 27 points of ice storm after a fireball that had left me with 7HPs), Lya falls to the ground at –8 (remember no saves on an Ice Storm). Yasmina finally shoots through the wizard's shield spell and kills the freakin reptile but the others don't have time to reach Lya who bleeds to death. And then there were three.

The remaining three burst in the altar room, the ritual is already complete and people are going nuts in Freeport. The barbarian, not wanting to waste his rage, goes in "sober" but gets scared away for 4 rounds. Engelbert and Yasmina are low on HPs but give it their best shot, a Chaos Hammer and a Power of destruction later our Cleric of Saint-Cuthbert is dead. Yasmina goes berzerk and rapid shoots Milton at point blank range!!! 3 hits (one was a crit) he drops to –19.

When the barbarian comes in, Yasmina has been charged by Milton's #2 and switches weapons. #2 gets a crit on his attack of opportunity and slices her throat (he does 20 points of damage, she had 1 hp left). The barbarian quickly dispatches #2 and stops the ritual, but being a dimwit that doesn't listen when the sages and the scholars tell legends, he mucks up his attempt and almost brings the tower down, did I mention it was 200+ feet tall?

How does it end? The barbarian tries to get out of the crumbling tower with Engelbert over his shoulder. As it starts collapsing, he jumps out the window. He's still 60' up and badly wounded. He kicks the bucket as the fall takes him to –15 HPs.

Man what a game! I had so much fun (and remember I died 25% of the way into the fight).

The girls are a bit sad to have lost their first character, but they have a certain pride in knowing that they "saved the world" and so do we. I'm really glad their first experience with character death and campaign ending was a good one.

Actually this is the best end to a campaign I've ever been in. We kind of had a wake for our characters after the game, we stayed over for 2 hours, having drinks, fondly reminiscing and telling our favourite stories and anecdotes.

Why did we all die? Many reasons:
1- Our GM never rolls under 80% of the highest possible result on any die roll.
2- I rolled like a sissy with my spells (a 13 point fireball, a 17 point bolt of conjuration) and I failed all my saves.
3- The barbarian didn't rage, so he was much less effective, he also cowered from the fight at the end (pretexting to stop the ritual, which he didn't know how to do).
4- Most of the fighters were still recovering from strength drain from the previous game.
5- Nobody listened to me when I said; "Kill the wizard now!" (that was 3 rounds before the ice storm that killed 2 of us).
6- And last of all because it was a really tough fight in wich some of us (especially my character and the rogue with our low HP's) ran high risks of biting the bullet.

We're starting a new game based around Silverymoon on Saturday. The group's expectations are high and I get to DM the first two adventures, then we'll switch. Me and the other DM and the players all hope to create and play a campaign that will be as enjoyable as the one that just ended. We'll see.

Cthulhu Matata

I'm getting sick and tired of all these "music makes the game" crap. Parappa was okay because it was quirky. Space Channel 5 gave me something to masturbate over. But now there's more Parappa coming? And "space shooters revolutionized!" with games like Rez? Ummm. Can we stop this now, please? Next thing I know, the new Tetris Worlds will be held back until they can add some gitchy block-placement tempo effects. Bah.

I just spent $50 bucks on Rez. Bwahahaah. What a silly fool I am.
Hopefully, I'll get everyone a review within a few days.

Y'all know what I need? A PS2. Or Gamecube. Or XBox. Or some damn thing. Then I'd _never_ write.

Yeah, man, the PS2 is the most kicka...
Hey, don't you write for us?! You bastard!
Back to the mines with you!

Has anyone been having any problems with WOTC's D&D wargame Chainmail? For some reason, people I know have been getting shafted with shoddy workmanship. We sampled the game at Gen Con and it seemed pretty cool so we all got a set when it came out. On the first day, we had problems. One of us got a deformed figure (missing feet). A war ape was missing the arms you glue on. Later, I got a set that was missing a stand and one that had a fused stand. Almost everyone in my gaming group has had problems. While the game is fun, this is getting annoying. Has this happened to anyone else? Am I cursed? Is quality control at Wizards of the Coast non existant?

WotC and shoddy minis: as I understand it, they've had quite a few problems with casting. The few pieces I've bought have been relatively problem-free (if a little more flash-y than some from other manufacturers). If I've heard right, they're doing their own casting. Other people have talked about problems with missing pieces and miscast figs. I think WotC or the retailer has replaced all of these, though. (Again, all hearsay and no personal experience.)
I wonder about the opaque boxes Chainmail minis come in. From a business standpoint, I bet painted minis look and sell better than naked ones, but I like to be able to check out a fig before buying it.

Sam from Quebec, I too have a story to tell about that adventure.


We approached this adventure at a lower level, and the GM compensated by reducing the strength of the baddies. Unfortunately, there were only four of us left by the time we began scaling the lighthouse.

By the time we got up to the long stairwell leading up to the ritual chamber we were a little spent. There we encountered the big wizard (7th, not 10th) who was levitating near the roof roasting us while we taught his serpent cronies how to fly. They failed to learn, however.

At a critical moment of the battle our main fighter had been blinded, our rogue was unconscious, and the cleric and my poor self were near death. The wizard was alive and still throwing spells near the roof. So, I drew a potion of unknown effect and fed it to the fighter (hoping for a miracle). It was a potion of flight.

"Didn't expect the flying blind man, did ya?" And with our direction and incredible rolls the fighter managed to locate and hack down the wizard.

This left us with the final battle with Milton, which we were in no condition to face. At this point the GM took pity on us and allowed the blind fighter to take a flying dive at the ritual gemstone, as it was mere moments from causing the Big Crazy on all the denizens of Freeport. The gem was hit, the ritual was broken, and all the bad guys were burned to cinders. Dramatic, unlikely, but fun.


If only we had tried the potions...

But then we wouldn't have started what will probably turn out to be a very cool and dynamic Forgotten Realms' Campaign.

Say Skutai, did your group make a bloody massacre at the Black Ghoule? I don't know what the real name of the inn was, but it is in the lower town, a guild run by a deceitful crime lord that hires assassins to try to wipe out the party? Let's just say that this time the ½ orc Barbarian did not forget to rage when the guild's second in command said "Take your gold and leave, we don't sell bastards such as you here." and turned his back on the group.

Mark: "Ok, I get up, grab my chair and thow it and need I say it, I rage."

A couple of die rolls later, 2/3 of the guild is dead, and what was supposed to be: Lya, Vritz and Yasmina scoping the place turned out to be Vritz and Yasmina carrying Lya's corpse out of a thieveless guild of thieves.

The freeport campaign is really a good one, too bad we won't get to play the last part of it, unless Arno decides to run it when he DMs.

Cthulhu Matat

Hi there. Here's something for everyone enjoying fantasy tabletops. Ther is a brand new one called "Magic Challenge" by Check it out.

And another thing from This time for all the sci-fi tabeltop fans. It is called "Fearless" and you can describe it with three words: fast - furious - fascinating! Check it out!

Hi everybody!
Our game club has a website up and running...
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Well...over 20,000 hours of development have gone into our gameworld, which - though still evolving - promises to be one of the most immersive multi-user RPG textworlds on the net...with many innovative features...

We're also a -very- community-based group; we're looking for people who are creative, heartful, and helpful and oriented toward forming groups, and aiding each other in the realms... Players of runequest, alternate reality, call of cthulu, rifts, or D&D will find a familiar environment and setting well as a very original (and highly varied!) gameworld...

We've been hard at work for four years, crafting something that's unusual, inspired, and, we hope - inspiring. We've many amazing features such as pets, classed and classless play, positions, dreaming, an all-original codebase and world...and much more...including web-community.

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The Team at Organelle

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Join us! ;)

I've played Wulfram II for 5 years. :) The graphics are, well, about 6 years old; the learning curve (I don't have a problem with that anymore, though) is rather steep.

If you can get past all that, it's a great game. It requires team playing, because you can't attack an enemy base solo unless the base is half dead or not built right. Moving your star ships requires a lot of team work. Building bases requires teamwork. Ship wars and base building requires strategy, and the good ol' fighting takes skill (but that skill can be learned).

The gameplay is why I have kept playing it for as long as I have :) It's a great game.

Hope to see you in the game :)

(this was not a spam or anything like that, I took the time to write this by myself...)

free play by email war and politics wargame at:

Just wanted to let you guys know about this play-by-mail (snail mail) fantasy professional wrestling game, I know this site is more geared toward fantasy/sci-fi gaming but figure some might want to know about it. It's not an E-Fed, so it's based on actual play and not just who can write the longest role-play. Anyways, the game's been open since 1997 and I figured I try and get some new players. Check it out if ya feel like it.

Hi there. Here's a short update on "Magic Challenge". The rules have been developed and improved, which is mostly due to the vital participation of international players. It really seems, that this game can turn out to be something really big. So come on! Why hesitate? Get your own copy of the rules and join this project. There still is time for you to test it and make your own suggestions on what should be altered/improved. Every, and if I say "every", I mean "every", mail will be read and the input will be discussed! So come on! You're just one click away from it.

can ANYONE please tell me what has happened to DND online???? I am now over 100 hours into the searching for answers and no one knows ANYTHING! This was a HUGE online community and now it is just gone.. no explanation.. no nothing.. whats going on?!?

My posts are even being deleted!! this is madness!!

[Axe through the door] Heeereeee's Olly...

Harry Potter's kind of all right, but I find myself struggling to like it. It's good in places, but it's all been plagiarised from other sources, like the Worst Witch by Jill Murphy, D&D and, in places, Tolkien.

I haven't seen Queen Of The Damned, (which is a laugh, really, considering I was in it).

I actually thought that Conan the Barbarian was quite dull. I enjoyed the Scorpion King, though, but that's probably just because I'm a massive fan of the Mummy franchise. Except the animated series with Jim Cummings doing the voice of Imhotep. That sucked.

Some of you guys are talking about B-Movie horror films. I recommend Peter Jackson's Braindead, which is disturbing, scary and hilarious!

If you haven't seen it, it's set in New Zealand, and it's about this guy who lives with his domineering mother (ala Norman Bates), who falls in love with this Spanish girl called Paquita. They sneak out, against his mother's wishes, and go to the zoo, but the guy's mother follows them. At the zoo, she is bitten by a beast known as a rat-monkey, which inexplicably, affects her with a strange disease, which kills her within days. However, a few minutes after she dies, she pops up again, as a zombie, and kills the nurse, who, despite having her head almost severed, gets up and joins the ranks of the living dead. The guy can't find it in his heart to kill his mum, so he goes to the local vet to purchase some tranquiliser. He injects the zombies with it, and they sleep. But sooner or later they'll wake up... and then the fun really starts.

One of the goriest movies ever made, and also one of the funniest, if you haven't seen Braindead, by Peter Jackson, you haven't lived. Plus, it's on DVD for only eight pounds. Almost exactly the same price as a ticket to see Rabbit by The Frantic Assembly. Make your choice. Zombie-flavoured fun at home with your mates or rabbit-flavoured turd in a theatre with a load of pretensious wankers. It's your call.

Dead Alive...

best, goriest, sorta-funniest, horror-movie with undead people having sex in a sadist fasion and later concieving babies...yuughhhk!

You just haven't seen it...and that's just sad. It was made in England.

There's zombie-baby-making and indeed zombie babies in Braindead, too. The guy nails the umbilical chord to a table so it can't run away!

Plus, the bit with the Flymo is so cool! Blood everywhere!

In "Dead Alive" one of the zombies gets gutted, and his entire digestive system falls out. Then his guts are slithering around in the air ducts, farting and burping as it moves along, looking for another human victim...heehee

At the end of Dead Alive... there isn't a big, hideous zombie monster mother, with saggy breasts, a skull like a crocodile, and a belly that splits open to shoot out grabbing entrails, is there? And is there a Kung Fu vicar? If so, I think we're watching the same movie, but under different names...

Braindead. Dead Alive. Are they the same movie? They sound very similar.

Just did a bit of research, and yes, They ARE the same movie, under different titles. Apparently, the film was left uncut in Australia, the UK and America, because they felt that the violence was so surreal and ridiculous that nobody would ever take it seriously. In Germany, however, the film was cut significantly. Draw from that whatever slightly racist stereotypes you can!

But how did they create all the gore, I hear you cry. Well according to this website...

'With pork fat, latex, sisal, polyfoam, human hair, ultra slime and hundreds of gallons of...'

What could it possibly be? What could it be? Can you guess?

Yes, that's right, nothing less than Sam's favourite, the bane of ghouls, the ranger's sidekick, yes, ladies and gentlemen, MAPLE SYRUP!


The samurai vicer is great...


too bad he got impaled on the forearm of a statue...

*crunch* *splat* *ooze*

I liked him! He was brilliant. And the bit with the punks urinating on the grave...

"That's my mother you're pissing on!"

And then the arm came up through the ground and grabbed him by the crotch! Genius.

Man, I can watch that film all day!

Howsabout the bit where the zombies are making babies in the next room, making lots of noise, and his uncle thinks he's found his dad's porno videos! So funny!

Wow, Lionel! Is that the one with the butler and the chambermaid? Hilarious!

I like the scene early in the film when the son and mother have guests over for supper. They have custard for dessert, and the mother's festering wound squirts puss into the guy's bowl...

" and creamy...just the way I like it."

Make sure you don't eat your tea whilst watching it though. Oh... I had so much fun watching my mates lose their appetite... Hee hee...

Did Peter Jackson direct that? Whoops...nevermind.

Just read upward...

[swims up to feet dangling under surf board]

You know, I never watched that one. I actually developed a strong distaste for horror when I was a child. It happened when my older female cousins thought it would be great to have me, a mere three years old, sit through a viewing of the "Exorcist," and "Night of the Living Dead." Then they told me it was all real. It was akin to being molested. I was all f'd up for years.

But I'm much better now. I work late at night. All by myself. I work with people who are asleep. All by myself. You'd think they'd complain about the cold more often, though. Well, actually, I'd be surprised if they complained about anything...


And then I'm much better, all over again.

P.s. Ass, try reading left to right instead of upward. The letters match more often my way. Just a friendly tip for the loyal ranks of GAMEGRENE : THE GREATEST censored SITE IN THE WORLD!

Oaky, that was a low blow cheap shot. I just had to... it's all in good fun there, Morb buddy.


I bet there's an un-godly finger dangling over the "Shark: MUTE" button right now...

There's probably a finger dangling over the enter key with the bootobnoxiousidiot.exe command all typed and ready to go.

Since it seems to be coming a "hip, cool, and 'can't go wrong'" ZINGAH!, I may as well join in regarding the recent censoring of commenters and their subsequent bannings (and unbannings).

Gamegrene is not a forum - it is not a place to open up your own topic of discussion about the rain, the cost of hot dogs in francs, or the relegation of off-topicers to an off-topic forum (for discussing that, as such, would be on-topic, which is antithetical to the purpose, right?). Rather, Gamegrene is a place for writers to write articles or scratch an itch, for readers to talk about the articles, ask questions, enhance them for their own gameplay, or discuss the ideals within, hopefully, in an intelligent and respectful manner. Seeing as those edicts were not posted loudly in some sort of "Why Gamegrene Exists" interstitial ad, the blame could certainly be placed on my shoulders for even having to necessitate this conversation.

Whenever an article is posted, said article writer gets an email for each and every comment posted on it. Seeing their carefully crafted (okay, okay, "occasionally" crafted...) article devolve and deform under the sludge of idiotic one-liners and song lyrics brings little inspiration to write again - in most cases, writers are writing to be read, not to be used as a launching pad for unrelated discussions. With the lack of inspiration to write, Gamegrene loses writers, as we already have (down from two postings a week to one posting every two weeks, nearly). With the lack of new articles and excited writers, Gamegrene "dies" (in the sense of decent content and not lackluster attempts).

Far be it from me to be the evil overload of Gamegrene (though, if there had to be any, 'twould be me), but I'm not the only one complaining about the comments: I've had numerous writers and readers contact me privately saying what Gamegrene USED to be, how great it ONCE was, and blah, blah, blah. Out of the last 1000 comments, maybe only 10% were actually worth reading. That's not cool, and it's certainly not what I set out to spend money on.

So, yes, I've done what I can to ban people, to accept apologies, and to delete off-topic posts. And with that, I ask the quote unquote "off-topicers", what else would you have me do? Whilst you can certainly comment intelligently and on-topic, as I've seen most of you do, the off-topic antics are destroying my desire to read comments (of which I get an email for each and every one), destroying the writer's desire to author more screeds for your enjoyment, and so on.

What "solution" would you like me to implement, per chance? There's the easy "install a forum!", but honestly, I'd want to use the forum for "good" (ie. game discussions not related to the posted articles) and not "evil" (ie. an "Open Forum"). Why would I take the time, effort, and maintenance for something I'd never want to read or contribute to anyways?

Evil Overlord Of Gamegrene. That sounds kinda cool, actually.

I do understand that it was a bit out of hand. I can see that and it was understandable, to me anyway, why the censoring and banning was inflicted by said Gamegrene Furher.

I was not trying to be annoying in my off topic banter and I realised when you sent me an email that I was. So I stopped, or at least tried to. I make a point to put up posts that are on topic but sometimes still silly and ranting but I don't want to contribute to the downfall of Gamegrene. I would like to see it get back up to a couple posts a week again, personally, and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that way.

As far as the posts about the evil of cencoring and banning it was just in good fun and I wasn't really upset at all. I undersatnd the measures taken.

I will stick to off topic banter among others on the open forums. That is waht they're there for. Plaese correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption.

"I'd want to use the forum for "good" and not "evil"."

Which is why it must be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom!

(Sorry, I had to.)

Okay, I'm sure that Gamgrene readers and writers just want their posts to be on the "good" side of the intellectual fence. I've made my apologies and I humbly remain so. I'm not trying to flame the issue in any way. So, this is just my attempt to help remedy something that I had a hand in soiling.

What all started out as a slick interchange of witty (now that's being generous!) banter has digressed into a mountain of Smurf-manure that has clogged up the airwaves. Mostly, like I stated, we were unaware that it was really such a problem for anyone. Surely, the intent was not to decrease anyone's enjoyment of Gamegrene's content. It was probably not so helpful that the environment seemed ripe for the taking. I had noticed a steady decline in the number of posts being made before our antics became a gibbering nightmare. It was akin to schoolchildren assuming the gym was empty simply because it was quiet.

Now that a few of us know otherwise, here are some recommendations for keeping this problem from cropping up again. (What "solution" would you like me to implement, per chance?)

1. Warning labels necessary. I wasn't even aware it (pointless, asinine postings) was an issue for anyone. There were no comments or articles to suggest it as such. I honestly didn't know! A road sign here and there would be appreciated. "You'll attract all the sickos" does not help out here.

2. Educating new and veteran posters on what is and isn't an acceptable post. This can be done with a small posting beneath offending comments. "Undesired Content" would be simple and straightforward enough. This may seem severe, but it would be infinitely more fair than an outright banning.

3. A periodic yet consistent use of suggestion 1 and 2 implemented at your discretion should easily remedy the situation for most of us. Although I'm against the use of moderators, it is an unavoidable necessity. No need to point this out to Morbus, I'm sure.

I understand that the professionalism of this site is a large deal of import to the creators. The industry is an important field to many of us. I shiver to think about how dependent my livelihood is upon the mere whims of a few money shakers. My wife is the talented style editor for several World Publication (2003 Garden Globe winner) magazines and I (attempt to) moonlight as a freelance artist for -Games Workshop- and the -Unspoken Word- among others. I understand the sovereignty of the authors' writings. My intention has never been to belittle the contributors of this site or their work. Never. How we advanced from "[adjusts monocle]" to the "death of Gamegrene" is just foolishness! This arose from a severe lack of communication. With a few savvy implementations, this site can minimize these occurrences and protect itself against said idiotic abuse. Most of the Offtopicers are pretty sharp (we love to think so), this shouldn't be a reoccurring problem.

Well, I know it's not going to be a recurring problem from myself, either. I got the hint pretty quick that it was unacceptable.

Suggestions made by Shark are some good ones, I think. Many sites that I have visited that allow posts or threads or forums or whatever you want to call them usually have a little page linked off the main page that has the rules or guidelines or suggestions for folks who are interested in posting comments. If there were soemthing like that here it may help to avoid this problem in the future. It could even read similar to Morbus' post above as far as what Gamegrene is all about and such.

Just a suggestion from one of the folks who contributed to the problem.

Olly, comp bug my @55! You were banned! Come on ... you were banned! There's no shame in it! Well, not that we're ready to admit. You sly 5h1t! How did you get back? And how's your father?

I gave my undercarriage a bit of a how's your father this morning, Shark.

But you're one to talk. Where did you go? I was about to report it to Scotland Yard!

BOOTED BABY! I was as banned as Osama Bin Laddy himself! I was sure that you had been carried off to the realm of lost souls. But here you are. In the flesh...

you need a shower.

I fell through fire and water, and climbed up an endless stair to the top of the world, where I did smote the Balrog's broken body on the mountain side. And then I did a jigsaw.

Been smoting a lot lately? Well that's understandable.

[strokes mustache contemplativley]

A good thing, that smoting. I remeber the Congo '48. Had a great deal of smoting myself. Hmph Yes. Smoting.

[sips scotch slowly]

Did you hear of that awful business with Eliza setting herself alight, Shark, my boy? Terrible. I screamed "NOOOOO!" at the sky and everything. Terrible. I did smote Mohammed though. I smoted him good and proper. So, it's not a total loss.

Have you met her replacement, Mary?

(Enter timid looking girl with mousy hair cut in a bob. Scarred, bald-headed butler grins at her evilly.)

Ah, Mary... We were just talking about you... Tell me... are you happy, Mary?

Mary: 'S.

That's nice, Mary. Toddle off and make us some tea, there's a good girl...

(Exit Mary, trembling.)

Bloody hell, I've seen more damsels "wrecked" in this house than in Afghanistan.

But to the point, my dear count ... it would seem we've attracted the attention of the King recently. Seems he's a bit put out over our industrial campaigning. He's released a new charter which restricts out activities! Have you any assasins at hand?

[hands empty glass to well trained monkey in a vest]

[aside to monkey] Scotch please...

Assassins, sir? Assassins?

Sir, you are looking at the finest assassin this side of the Thames! Lest you forget, sir, bullets cannot harm me, I'm ridiculously skillful with a sword cane, and, apart from that unpleasant business with the portrait in the attic, I am all but invincible.

(Drums fist on coffee table)


Oh God...NO...

I have this sinking feeling that Morbus is about to pull the giant "SELF-DESTRUCT" lever...

Well, that's not good.

You don't say?! Assassin ... Who would have guessed? But you're so good looking! How can a Stuart Townsendesque person sneak anywhere 't all? And are you with me on this one? We may have to keep our "special" activities isolated to this particular house for the time being. At least until the King is addressed properly! Hahaha ...

Eh wot? Monkey! You know I don't like ice in my ... excuse us for a moment!

[returns several minutes later, mustache in disarray] Sir, I am almost spent. Have you ... facilities ... where I might refresh my disposition?

Capn' How nice of you to join us for smokes! Please, please, stay a moment. This concerns you as well.

[quickly brushes mustache back into place]

Shark...I still possess the hypodermic needles full of glowing-purple fluid...

Don't make me use it...

Groupie Assassin, I have, indeed, deleted most of Olly's posts this morning. Maybe 2, outside of this forum, were on topic. Of course, I'd have emailed him privately about it, but, it's not surprising that he doesn't leave his address behind.

Certainly, sir. Though it would depend what sort of facilities you are after. If you desire to empty your bladder, it's two doors down, on the left, if you desire to... fill your boots, shall we say... I can fetch Mary and you may retire to the guest bedroom. If, however, you request the finest wines known to humanity, I suggest you follow James, here (points to bald-headed, scarred butler) to the cellar.

I hope that has proved helpful. Whilst you are away, refreshing your disposition, I might have a mind to torment your monkey, would you mind, ever so?

Sorry, Morbus. I didn't mean any offense, I'm just having fun.

Damn! The King has spies everywhere! It was you!!!

[Points to Mary]

Oh the irony. Well, at least the hangings will be quick.

And far be it from me to be the overbearing parent to take away your crackwhores. But, fun which has nothing to do with the article at hand, please try to keep in an Open Forum. There is always a grey area to this (for instance, I didn't delete the post on Homer's alignment, but even that one can devolve quickly into an area I'd call "not very useful"), and I really don't want to start keeping notes on consistency :)

Long live the king!

Crackwhores? JOLLY GOOD MAN!

Um...and WHAT pre-tell, makes me a groupie? Hm? That fact that I'm not acting in a defiant and bitchy manner, like the other grunts.


Those actions are unbecoming of an officer such as I...

The Cap'n

[To Mary] You exquisite little tart! I'll see you burn for this.

We'll escape the gallows this day, Sharky. Hold onto my waist! James! Use the amnesia ray!

James: You mean the revolver, sir?

That's the one. Hold on tight, Shark... UP, UP, AND AWAY!

(Fires grappling hook)

Wait! I weigh 420 lbs. in my Count incarnation!

All right... New plan...

Captain, draw your sword, James, take aim, and I'll get my sword cane. We'll fight our way out of this.


How about this?

[holds up the one ring] Too drastic? I have other means of mortal kombat.

[begins to grunt with the displeasure of terminal gas] Almost there! Ooo. Hard candy.

[bends over to pick up said candy]

How about this?

[holds up the one ring] Too drastic? I have other means of mortal kombat.

[begins to grunt with the displeasure of terminal gas] Almost there! Ooo. Hard candy.

[bends over to pick up said candy]

Ah...unfortunately for you, I now hold a diplomatic position and am now colaborating with the enemy...


How dare you switch sides half-way through and confuse everyone. That's my job!

[an extreme explosion of titanic protions rips through guardsmen. Flames leap to the ceiling]

Pardon moi ...

What the heck was that?

Bean Dip and cherry cola. Compliments of me Mum! Gentlemen, if you'll excuse me...

[steps over charred bodies, back of pants still aflame]

[Grabs Mary round the neck. Grabs hanging rope with free hand]

Gentlemen, you will forever know this as the day you ALMOST CAUGHT, Captain Jack Sparrow... No, shit... I've got it wrong... Dorian Gray... Dorian Gray...

Gentlemen, you will forever know this as the day you ALMOST CAUGHT, Dorian Gray!


[Swings away on rope]

*rope breaks*

*Olly lands in huge, decorative serving bowl full of Limburger Cheese Dip*

*Mary fall onto serving tray covered with caramelized-veal-skewers; hereby impaling her bum*

*Mary falls onto serving tray covered with caramelized-veal-skewers; thereby impaling her bum*

^ Grammar corrections made!

Oh no! Cheese!

Ooo. Cheese Don't mind if I do ... gives me damned bad gas though ...

Monkey. I require wine.

[to Mary] Now run along lass. I think ye's in a might bit o' trouble with Ollsworth here. I shudder to think of the nightmares he might visit upon thee. Run along before he decheeses himself ... Decheeses? Well now ... that came off a bit fresh.

::sneaks off to deflower Mary in the other room while the men fight pointlessly::

(whispers) No, baby, it is supposed to go there, trust me.

I'm afraid, dear boy, that Mary's already been deflowered. Numerous times. By myself and various members of my staff.

Now, Mary... come here... on all fours... now wag your tail and bark, and I'll throw you a biscuit.


I believe that Eater was aiming for the earthy 'bum-flower'

Any flower I can get, actually.

Ironically, there IS such a thing as a bum flower. They're called stupilia flowers and they grow in the Namib Desert in Africa. They exist in a climate where there is no bees. So to get pollinated, the flowers produce a smell that attracts flies instead...

disgusting, eh?


That is difinately not what I was shooting for.

I was refering to something a little more pervertedly sexual. Just to clarify.

Sinners! Everyone of ye!


And I am residing treasurer. That'll be $50 to pay up your dues if you will.

[Please oh please ... do NOT direct Gamerchick to this board.]

Ah, Duke De'Muncher, welcome to our little party. Didn't see you there, what with the commotion and all. To be a member of our society you'll need a servant, a mustache, and a favored method of torture. Or just be a high ranking officer in service of his majesty's navy, as is the good Cap'n. And you'l be happy to know that we never ask for clarification or justification. Convenient, is it not? ... ohno ... Mo... Monkey! Get down from there! He's our newest member! [claps hands loudly] Get down!

So sorry, my monkey just needs to be stroked. No harm done now, eh good chap? All you need to get him to stop is the clap. [snorts loudly, swats flies away] What the blazes is that smell? Reeks of stupilia in here!

[Enter limping, horribly scarred monkey]


(Shoots accusatory glance at Shark's monkey. To James)

James, this monkey will require most of your skin.

[Olly rushes monkey to his underground laboratory, where he presents him to his simpering, hunchbacked lackey, the caliban, Igor]


Igor: (Limping out from the shadows) Masssttthhher?

Ah, there you are! Igor, this ape's taken a bit of a whack in a monkey knife-fight, I want you to rebuild him. Stronger. Faster. Better than before.

Igor: Yesssttthhh, Massstttthhhher, right away Masssttthhher, whatever you ssssttthhhay, Masssttther!

There's a good lad, there's a meat pie in it for you if you do a good job.

Igor: Mmmmm... Meat.

::sulks in the shadows::

::whispers words of rebellion against the tyranical overlord into Mary's ear::

Yes, my good man, I have here my harem. They all 'serve' me well. And I must point out that the good Capitan is not a member of the Royal Navy, he is a wanted pirate, the same man who slew both Barbosa and Sparrow for command of The Black Pearl.

Welcome freind, the Royal Navy sucks goats, does it not?

Now I must retreat to my dungeons. It has been nice to join your little club. Have fun boys.

::watches the majestic estate burn from a safe distance hears the shouts and gunfire of rebellion::

::grins wickedly::

(Aside) Soon all of my opposition will be gone and the fog will creep to this great realm as well.

::returns to the dungeons:

Hey, Olly was here. How did he manage to escape? I will have him. I swear it. Even if I have to drag his corpse from the ashes of his once great estate!

::claps hands::

Harem! Serve me. I am upset and need calming.

That was damn inconsiderate of you, Eater.

*Standing at the helm of his armada's flagship "The Mystic" a Manowar-Class combat vessel painted black to symbolize the color of dirty hubcaps. The good Cap'n peers through his telescope at the chaos within the Dukedom Olly estate, whilst his entire armada broadsides the harbor, cannons ready.*

Hmm... It’s only a matter of time now. The peasants are revolting, the demon-harem of Ikg'theleon shall soon reveal their true form, and the fog has begun to envelop the city. Soon the covenant shall come to pass, the blood of the guilty and innocent shall both be spilt...and then...I WILL fulfill my told by the prophecy. The city shall burn under a rain of fire and metal, and I shall claim the Dukedom's sacred gilded toilet. THE TIME IS AT HAND! PICK YOUR TARGETS, MEN!! PREPARE A VOLLEY!!!

*Crewmen cheer*

WHAT THE F***!!!



*looks around*


I worry about Mystic, err... Captain Assassin sometimes.
Anyway, people of Gamegrene, I need some help. See, I have to do a research project for school about a topic of my choice. I chose to do one on the persecution of role playing gamers in the '80s. I know there are people here who lived through that, and I need all the info on it I can get. So, if you have any horror stories, or any stories at all, about gaming in the '80s, post 'em here or e-mail me. Anything you can come up with.
Also, does anyone know where I could locate any electronic copies of BADD's old anti-gaming documents, as these would likely help my report also.
Please, help a fellow gamer on a school project about gaming!

I did part of my MA on this - actually focusing on the common aspects of those who were doing the persecuting. - very interesting stuff - and not all things that you've read in the paper.

I recommend Gary Fine's "controversial leisure."
There's another book called "The Satanism Scare" by an ex-cop.
There was also a sophisticated psych test administered to a large sample of D&D players by the American Psychology Association (found them to be unremarkable).

Type "BADD dragons" into Google, and you'll come up with a lot of info - but most of it is second-hand. The sensational aspects of BADD lend themselves to a lot of distortion.

I found that in nearly every case - the source of accusations was a Christian fundamentalist group or individual. These are the kind of fundies that believe the devil is a creature you can really meet while walking on the street, and that one of the Teletubbies is homosexual. Patricia Pulling was also a fundie in this vein. When these groups were quoted in newspapers in the interest of "balanced journalism" (which often meant devoting 50% column space to a wacko theory), journalists often deleted the more fantastical portions of the accusers quotes, turning their frothy zealotry into a pseudo-secular pyschological jargon. Instead of being "possessed", people would "lose their minds".

You have to understand what it would look like to a person who is such a fundamentalist.

1. A group of people coming together weekly (which would see as a kind of "church" or ritual)

2. They speak in a code which is inaccessible to outsiders.

3. The parts they do hear are about casting spells and demons. Remember, these are people who are terrified of Halloween and hold their own "Halleluljah-een"

4. They see a spooky atmosphere, with candles, and someone who is not their pastor, "leading" their children

It's funny and sad, but in The Satansim Scare, the author writes about the "Occult Kits" used by the cops - supplied by self-styled "experts" such as Pat Pulling in her seminars - who drew her material from fictional books (ie Rona Jaffe's Mazes and Monsters). For instance, they might be an occultist if they have "candles." Oh. Watch out. Candles.

Doesn't BADD stand for "Bastards Against Dungeons & Dragons" ??

I actually think it stands for Brain-dead-morons Against Dungeons & Dragons.

OK. I admit it. I am in fact XAGYG YRAG the anti-christ. But I promise to eschew D&D from now on, as long as I can still deflower the odd virgin or two.

So...the debbul's REAL name is actually GRAY GYGAX...

Or is it GARY?

Captain assassin,

Please re-read. 'YRAG' spelt backwards is GARY, not GRAY.

Yet blush not. I made you re-read wrongly, using my devilish powers gained through many years of practicing the dark arts.

Well, it's about time you showed up Anti. Rosemary gave birth to you way back in 1963 so I figured you would have surfaced by now, but I have to say I'm glad your here. The church needs a little "house cleaning".

And, no, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but, deflowering virgins is my job and we don't want to piss of the union.

You stick to killing off christians and I'll take care of the young and innocent.

aach! it knows my birth year !

I tell you what Eater, we'll split the job. I'll just deflower the Christian virgins, and you can have the rest.

Can I quote you guys on all that? I'd make the report very iinteresting.

Hmmmmm, I guess that will have to do Anti.

I was never much for Christian girls anyway. I allways prefered the pagan chicks, but then it's really hard to "deflower" them what with them being open and acceptable to just about anything, hell I've felt deflowered after some of them. Oh well, the sex is better anyway.

Your terms are acceptable Anti, all non-christian virgins are mine.

And LW, feel free to quote me untill your heart is content. There's more discussion of me deflowering virgins earlier in this tread too.

Allow me to restate it:
"On January 6, 2004 09:00 AM, EaterOfTheDead said:
::sneaks off to deflower Mary in the other room while the men fight pointlessly::

(whispers) No, baby, it is supposed to go there, trust me."

My work is done.

Muhahahahaha! Muhahahahaha! Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Wow, that was quick Apocalypse.

And all this time I thought it was going to be something important and world shaking. Hmm, I guess there wern't all that many "real" christians around then, oh well, I'm not gonna miss them.

There's not that many "REAL" christians now, either...

Lots of pretenders, though...

For anybody who cares, which I know there can't be many, the self proclaimed "Offtopickers" have congealed over at Randon And Senseless ( in my forum. It's like a little club of slackers with too much free time on their hands. Ass is making t-shirts and everything. I know it sounds dumb but at least it gets them out of Morbus and Salvatore's hair.

....when I say 'them' I mean 'us'. It's sad, I know.

Somebody said "a necromancer far away in a dark, spooky tower doesn't instill much interest"

Who wrote it, and what was the article's title? I just can't remember.

Forgetfully yours,

..... ummmm ....... I think I remeber that too, Theo ........ I can't think of where it was though ....... I'm not much help. I'm not even sure why I bothered to post this comment it's so useless.

Oh yeah. Necromancers and Zombies, and Vikings if I recall. Can't remember which article though. Just call me Mr. Helpful.

I think the whole "necromancer far away in a dark, spooky tower" would intice the power-gamers...

A far away destination: the journey to that tower will be reaming with random encounters.

Waut a second! Vikings! That was some comments about one of my old D&D games. I can't remeber which thread it was on though.

On a totally unrelated subject and on the console front. There is this awesome game I started playing the other day that I think many people would enjoy. It is called Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem and is presented on the Game Cube. It's really cool and has a total H. P. Lovecraft feel to it, the cop's name is even Inspector Legrasse. The game combines survival horror and platform action with an awesome storyline. And it's actually creepy too, I wasn't even creeped out by Silent Hill 3, so that's saying something. If you like creepy yet action games I recomend it.

I rented that game...played it for about two days, then put it down. It did have some GOOD scary moments (the chick in the bath tub...ahhhh!), but the levels or 'chapters' and their mutual redundancy really restrained me from playing the game all the way through.

The monsters just got bigger, and your current 'soon-to-die-a-horrible-death-anyway' character couldn't seem to dodge some of the attacks. The game did have a great soundtrack, and its initial creepiness did lure me in for a play. I learned of 'Darkness' from the easter egg poster in the 'Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes' game for the cube.

It has a very interesting concept that can surely be developed further...

Oh, by the way,

I recommend "Fatal Frame" for creepiness...

I'll second Fatal Frame, which has a sequel, Crimson Butterfly. The sequel's not as scary as the first, but still suitably playable.

I've only played the 'Fatal Frame' demo...

But the music, the background ambience, the environment, AND THE FIRST TIME YOU PULL UP THAT CAMERA AND SEE A GHOST!!!!!


Not to mention the creepy dirge that plays when there are ghosts in the same room as you. Damn, I'm gonna go rent that tonight!

I've heard Fatal Frame is good but I havn't picked it up yet. It's allways so expensive whenever I think about getting it. I'll probably get around to playing it one of these days.

Eater, I suspect it'll get more expensive as time goes on. It's never been on the same "respect level" as SILENT HILL, so it's becoming harder and harder to fine (and thus, rarer and rarer). days...

more than enough time to finish any survival horror

I have a rather extensive screening process for games...

There is a select few that I've bought and KEPT. My current system of screening entails renting...playing...returning...and waiting. Waiting to see if I ever feel the urge to play it again.

At THAT point, I rent & play it again, and place it on the waiting list to be bought.

Damn, I'll probably still get it someday, when I have the money and such. My girlfriend is actually more into survival horror games than I am but Eternal Darkness just captivated me. It hink it was the Lovecraft feel to the game. I like Lovecraft.

It's a good thing.

I was playing some of my old N64 games last night. One of the games is Jet Force Gemini...

Now, although the game lacks depth after the first half, its still fun just to run around and waste bugs. Its also got a good sci-fi-adventure soundtrack compared to most N64 games. The funniest thing about this game is that the main characters were completely redesigned at the last minute in an effort to give the N64 games a more "grown up" appeal.

So one of the characters (Vela), instead of being a 10-year-old girl. She was turned into a 10-year-old girl in a minishirt, a thong, and with triple-D boobs.

:: shakes head ::

I actually thought the original designs looked better. With the new ones, I find myself positioning Vela where the camera is looking right up her skirt, and I'm thinking...

"WHY is she wearing THAT?!?"

"She was turned into a 10-year-old girl in a minishirt, a thong, and with triple-D boobs."

::thinks thoughts that are probably illegal in most of the country::

Captain Assassin, your mind disturbs me like nothing else. They were so not 10-year-olds in the final version. They were at least 16. I think...


Thoughts are not Illegal. Immoral maybe, but not illegal.

Images however ......

16...yeah right.

Its just like when they made the English-dubbed version of "KITE" (anime)

The main character was a hot college student who was also a prefessional hit-woman who frequently has sexual relations with her boss (40 year old man). In the original version, she was in junior high school...and her boss was still 40...

yeah...NOT so sixteen after all...

Its no different than giving Wendy Testeburger breast implants.

:: looks around ::

I see that no one wants to comment on that...

I was refraining from a comment due to advice from my lawer.


Eater, stop piddling around in here! Hurry up and rescue me! I feel something dreadful is about to happen...


I see that you are also a fan of Joe Bob Briggs. Do you have any of his Monstervision shows on tape?
I have over 100 shows and would love to dub/trade tapes. Email me back at if interested or see my website.
Here's my list:
01/10/97 MV: Childs Play / Death Valley
02/21/97 MV: From Beyond / Shaft
09/13/97 MV: Alien 3 / Barbarella
10/04/97 MV: Troll
11/01/97 MV: Hercules in NY / Conan the Destroyer
11/15/97 MV: Capricorn One
01/01/98 MV: Serpent and the Rainbow 100% Weird:Voodoo
01/01/98 MV: Prelude to a Kiss / Event Horizon
01/01/98 MV: Genesis 2
01/11/98 MV: Warriors
02/01/98 MV: Teen Wolf/The Fly
04/01/98 MV: Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
05/16/98 MV: Dead Zone / Warlock 2
05/23/98 MV: Godzilla / Godzilla vs. Mothra
05/30/98 MV: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth / Prehistoric Women
06/06/98 MV: The Fury / Saturn 2
06/13/98 MV: Parents / Mannequin 2
06/20/98 MV: Phantasm 2 / The Beast Within
06/27/98 MV: Orca / Philadelphia Experiment
07/04/98 MV: Back to the Future / Time after Time
07/11/98 MV: Beastmaster 1 /Beastmaster 2
07/18/98 MV: New Nightmare / Serpent and the Rainbow w/Wes Craven
07/25/98 MV: Surviving the Game / Cleopatera Jones
08/01/98 MV: The Wraith / Duel
08/08/98 MV: They Live / Immortal Combat
08/15/98 MV: Poison Ivy / Poison Ivy 2
08/22/98 MV: Red Dawn / War Games
08/29/98 MV: Motel Hell / Return of the Living Dead Pt.2
09/05/98 MV: Carrie / Embrace of the Vampire
09/12/98 MV: The Last Starfighter / Peacemaker
09/19/98 MV: Coma / Waxwork
09/26/98 MV: Big Trouble in Little China / Theodore Rex
10/03/98 MV: One Million Years B.C. / King Kong Lives
10/10/98 MV: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth / Prehistoric Women
10/17/98 MV: The Gate / Twilight Zone: The Movie
10/24/98 MV: It's Alive/It Lives Again
10/31/98 MV: Friday the 13th pt 5 /Friday the 13th pt 6
10/31/98 MV: Friday the 13th pt1 -part 3 (Joe Bob takes only)
11/21/98 MV: Jaws / Four Days in November
11/28/98 MV: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead /Deadly Friends
12/05/98 MV: The Fog
12/12/98 MV: Gemlins / The Pet Shop
12/19/98 MV: Joes Apartment / Nightbreed
12/26/98 MV: Raising Cain / People Under The Stairs
01/02/98 MV: Max Overdrive / Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
01/09/99 MV: Highlander / The Seventh Sign
01/16/99 MV: XTro2 The Second Encounter / The Silencers
01/29/99 MV: Semi Tough / Paper Lion
01/30/99 MV: M*A*S*H / The Longest Yard/Two Minute Warning
02/13/99 MV: House IV / The Hidden 2
02/20/99 MV: Howling 3 and "Howling 7
02/27/99 MV: Ghoulies/Ghoulies2
03/06/99 MV: Carrie/Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with me (Partial)
03/13/99 MV: The Guyver / Time Runner
03/20/99 MV: The Deliberate Stranger
03/27/99 MV: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger/Clash of The Titans
04/03/99 MV: The Funhouse / Poltergeist
04/10/99 MV: Wrath of Khan/2 Outer Limits episodes
04/17/99 MV: Road Warrior/2020 Texas Gladiators
04/24/99 MV: The Ultimate Warrior
05/01/99 MV: Return of the Living Dead/Jaws2
05/08/99 MV: The Gate
05/22/99 MV: Love Potion #9 /The Serpent and The Rainbow
05/29/99 MV: The Time Machine/Time after Time (partial)
06/05/99 MV: Point of No Return/The Hand (partial)
06/12/99 MV: Malice / Sleepstalker
06/26/99 MV: Look Who's Talking / Highlander
07/10/99 MV: Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and The Surgeon
07/17/99 MV: The Blues Brothers / Pee Wees Big Adventure
07/24/99 MV: Conan the Barbarian/Conan the Destroyer
07/31/99 MV: Hotshots! / Iron Eagle III (Summer School)
08/07/99 MV: (Summer School) Planet of the Apes/ Escape From The POA
08/14/99 MV: (Summer School) Hairspray/American Grafitti
08/21/99 MV: Mars Attacks/Forbidden Planet [LBX]
08/28/99 MV: Willy Wonka/ The Ice Cream Man
09/04/99 MV: (Summer School) European Vacation/Great Outdoors
09/11/99 MV: Dragnet/The Devil's Rain
09/18/00 MV: Fargo / To The Limit
09/25/99 MV: Somewhere in Time / The Fear
10/02/99 MV: Adventures in Babysitting / Grim
10/16/99 MV: The Birds
10/23/99 MV: Robin Hood (men in tights) / Sinbads Golden Voyage
10/30/99 MV: Phantasm/Phantasm 2 (Halloween 1999 tape 2)
10/30/99 MV: Carrie/Child's Play 2 (Halloween 1999 tape 1)
10/31/99 MV: In the mouth of Madness / The Fear (Spook Night)
11/06/00 MV: Heaven's Prisoners/The Sitter
11/13/99 MV: Bram Stokers Dracula / Dracula Dead and Loving It
11/20/00 MV: Top Gun / Exorcist
12/04/99 MV: The American President / Look Whos Talking Now
12/18/99 MV: Dirty Dancing / Carrie
01/15/00 MV: SpaceBalls
01/22/00 MV: Future Hunters
02/12/00 MV: Critters
02/19/00 MV: Breeders
02/26/00 MV: Project Metalbeast
03/11/00 MV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
03/18/00 MV: Skeeter/100% Weird: The Trench Coat
03/25/00 MV: The Company of Wolves
04/01/00 MV: Voodoo/100% Weird
04/08/00 MV: Stepfather/100% Weird: The Seduction
04/15/00 MV: My Boyfriends Back
04/22/00 MV: Body Armor
04/29/00 MV: Leviathan
05/06/00 MV: Beetlejuice
05/13/00 MV: Conquest of the Planet of the Apes
05/20/00 MV: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome
06/03/00 MV: Hercules and the Amazon Women
06/10/00 MV: Christine
06/17/00 MV: Within the Rock
06/24/00 MV: Virtual Assassin 100%Weird Jason and the Argonauts
07/01/00 MV: Replikator
07/08/00 MV: Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice
Unknown MV: Maximum Overdrive (partial)
Unknown MV: Swamp Thing
Unknown MV: The Lost Boys
Unknown MV: Leviathan / Communion
Unknown MV: Halloween 2
Unknown MV: The Monsters Club
01/04/98 MV: Alcatraz:The whole Shocking Story
Unknown MV: Beastmaster 1 /Beastmaster 2
Unknown MV: Galaxis
Unknown MV: The Omen
Unknown MV: Superbeast
Unknown MV: Logans Run
Unknown MV: Donovans Brain
Unknown MV: It! The Terror from Beyond Space