Help! What is a good Sci-Fi core system?


Help. Here is my problem: Scaldcrow Games is offering a new generic starship book. Since its part of their generic series it is being targeted for any game. I like Sci-Fi ok, but I'm a bigger fan of fantasy, and I love Scaldcrow Fantasy. I've heard some rumors that they are going to be expanding into some other genres as well as fantasy. I'm gonna get their AAR5-"Advantage" because I love their stuff but I don't play sci-fi right now. What sci-fi core system does everybody recommend? I like a game that is pretty fast paced but is strong on story telling. I like space opera stories and love me some science horror type stories. I don't like SW (I've just had to much of it crammed down my throat for one life-time). I'm pretty wide open for anything.

Oh hey look, you did; fast work. ;-)

We played a cross-genre game using GURPS that spanned WWII, Sci Fi and Fantasy settings a while ago that seemed to work as well as anything, system-wise. Though some of the combat resolution seemed to get a bit over-technical with AoE weapons.

Way back I used to play Traveller - the old GDW version. That was fairly lightweight and fast-paced if you're looking for a rules-light game and can get hold of it on ebay or download. Has a very nice sci-fi 'Golden Age' feel to it as well if you like that kind of thing.

Anything sci-fi related, I use the newer d20 version Traveller. I'm not really interested in the hoopla it generated over not being "true to the Traveller canon" because I don't really care about stuff like that. I like the setting, like the system, and the rest is up to me. I like it because it's essentially 3.0 d20 and that's the system I prefer for everything.

A way back our group was talking about a d20 sci fi game and some preparatory noises were made but it never got off the ground. Maybe we'll give it a spin one day.

I was almost convinced into running a Dragonstar campaign at one point, right at the depths of my, "is anything really ever new" phase. I flipped though the books and saw that playing that game would only have confirmed my suspicions. LOL. It's exactly this; D& space. And not in a cool Spelljammer sort of way. It's exactly D&D in space. Super lame.

I also like the stuff done for d20 Modern in the Future book they put out. Combined with d20 Past and d20 Apocalypse one could run a really decent time travel campaign, if one were so inclined. I've toyed with the idea of a time travelling campaign and have been making little notes about it in a small green notebook for the last...I don't know..10 years? When the notebook is full maybe something will happen with it.

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