Nintendo Cubed: Why I Own A GameCube


My first computer was an Atari 600XL. It had a keyboard, a cartridge slot, and two joysticks. Really basic joysticks - you know the ones, with the rubbery stick, and the big red button. All you could do was move, and fire. My brother Garth and I had two games: Galaxian and Ms. Pac-Man. I loved Ms. Pac-Man. I played it for hours. But I digress.

My first computer was an Atari 600XL. It had a keyboard, a cartridge slot, and two joysticks. Really basic joysticks - you know the ones, with the rubbery stick, and the big red button. All you could do was move, and fire. My brother Garth and I had two games: Galaxian and Ms. Pac-Man. I loved Ms. Pac-Man. I played it for hours. I remember the bittersweet joy of defeating the final level (it had bananas!) only to find that, instead of being rewarded with a happy animation of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man getting together or Junior Pac-Men running around, the level just repeated. What a rip-off.

The next system we had was a Nintendo. With the Nintendo came Tecmo Bowl, my first introduction to the wonderful world of football. In Tecmo Bowl, you were either offense or defense. You picked one of about six plays, hoped (if you were offense) that your opponent didn't pick the same play, or (if you were defense) that you'd chosen the same number. That was pretty much it. It was a blast.

Fast-forward to the winter of 1996. My mom, in her infinite wisdom, bought me an N64 for Christmas. (OK, I asked for it, but she did come through.) In true Nintendo form, it came with only one controller, and no games (more on that later). At first, the controllers were big and awkward, but one quickly became comfortable with the ergonomics. This system was revolutionary. The graphics were awesome, and Mario could run around in three dimensions! Life was good. And Mario Kart... perhaps the best multi-player game ever made. A friend of mine had an N64-dedicated 32" TV and four controllers. Needless to say, he threw the best parties. And within a year, my social life had virtually ended at the hands of Tetrisphere, which besides the main game has a great puzzle section and a wicked techno soundtrack.

After a cross-country move, my N64 spent some time in storage. I played a friend's Dreamcast, and my social life fell prey to yet another video game: Soul Calibur. I don't know if it's the range of characters, the excellent graphics, or the various modes of play (including two-player combat and single-player missions), but Soul Calibur has a very wide-ranging appeal.

But I digress. Just in time for Christmas 2001, Microsoft and Nintendo both released their latest consoles. I'd taken informal surveys of friends who'd played both, and was undecided on which unit I'd want to own. Dilemma solved when Santa (aka my brother and personal video-game guru) came through with a GameCube. Garth had a few reasons for choosing the Nintendo system. His first, and most simple, was that he thought of me as "Nintendo-y." He's probably right... I like stuff that's cute, and Nintendo's reputation as having a lot of "cute" games is earned. I loved the various adventures of Mario and clan, and had a great time with games like South Park and Beetle Racing on the N64 (as well as the aforementioned Mario Kart). Also, the GameCube (CDN $300) was significantly cheaper than the Xbox (CDN $450). Finally, he said he bought me the GameCube over the Xbox because he has a PS2 and he didn't want me to have a better console than him. Hmm.

The box in which the GameCube is packaged is deceptively large. I was delighted to pull out the actual console and find it compact enough to hold in one hand. This unit is made to take to friends' places - it has a handle, and even my mom could hook it up. I found the controls to be an improvement over their predecessors - they are the same shape, but slightly smaller, and of course have a few more buttons (how did we ever manage to play anything when the joystick only had one button?). We went out the day after Christmas and picked up another controller and a memory pack, bringing the total to around CDN $400. (Super Monkey Ball, a trademark "cute" Nintendo game, was part of the gift as well. Even the game discs, mini-CDs, are cute.)

Super Monkey Ball is a fun game, and really well designed, with lots of different play modes. The premise of the game is that you're a monkey, in a ball, and you're trying to complete different courses (and score bananas along the way for extra lives). There are additional games that are unlocked as you gain "play points" (the more you play, the more games you can play). There's a flight-simulator, and monkey bowling. I think my favorite so far is Monkey Race: Up to four players can race on a variety of tracks, a la Mario Kart. Technically, while the graphics aren't a giant leap the way the N64 was from its predecessors, the smoothing is beautiful. Bonus: The controllers include rumble support (you don't need an additional pack like you did with the N64), which means they vibrate when you hit something (or get hit) in the game.

The selection of games available for the GameCube is surprisingly good. The boyfriend picked up a used copy of Madden NFL 2002, and it's awesome. They've included the Texans expansion team, and there's a training feature that's a lot of fun. (There are a lot more play options than Tecmo Bowl, too.) I'm a little disappointed that the first Mario Bros. release features Luigi, but I'll deal. I've heard rumors, but still have no confirmation, that Namco is developing Soul Calibur for release on the GameCube. While that would rock, I'm not holding my breath. Browsing the current titles available and coming soon reveals a wide variety, from Jimmy Neutron to Crazy Taxi, as well as the usual plethora of Xtreme Sports games (like Jeremy McGrath's Supercross World) and action / adventure (including a 007 title). NBA Street is next on my wish list, and hopefully Soul Calibur will be out in time for my birthday in June.

What about you? Gamecube, Xbox, PS2, or diehard PC gamer?

Is this a trick question?

I have to say that I have generally preferred my computer to a console. Admittedly though, this preference has a lot to do with a lack of hand-eye coordination that was often required for the early video games. My wife and I have a PS1 and an N64. The N64 is for her Zelda and some Mario games and the PS1 is for FFVII and some other random games that I enjoy.

Diehard console gamer, actually.

My wife and I own a half-dozen console/portable systems, but the only new system we picked up recently was the GBA - which I whole-heartedly recommend to anyone who misses the SNES.

We're still deciding between the PS2 and the GameCube - as always, the issue is games. There's exactly one game we want for PS2 and it's not in North America yet (Wild ARMs 3)... we're just looking for SOME sign of RPGs on the GameCube before we get one. There's also the money factor...

Well Skyrender, glad to see you're here too. =)

PC gamer, though I still love my Dreamcast and always will. But the PC can do so many things a console can't, and I'm not just talking about an real internet connection, listening to some mp3s in the background or print out stuff. It's the emulators. Genesis, SNES, NeoGeo, they knew what real games were like, and now they're all on my comp as well. Who needs a new console?

Is *everyone* from WebRPG forums here? Heh.

I've gotta admit, PCs have it all. But I do love my PS2...

Some of my friends cite Nintendo's frequent cuteness as the reason they don't like the company's systems. I think the gameplay and quality control they bring more than make up for any little-kid-style graphics. I still think MarioCart for the Super Nintendo is the best 2-player game ever, heading a list including such notables as Frogs 'n' Flies, Combat, Street Fighter II, the other Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, and Goldeneye. Mmmm. . . history.

I have to tell you all.......PS2 is the best. I noticed how most of you have no feelings towards the systems that controls more then 48% of the market share. With Nintendo, Xbox, and Dreamcast fighting for the rest. I am a die hard playstation fan. I still like PC games, but for a really mature gaming experience there's nothing but the PS2. I own both the PS1, and the PS2. I have one in my son's room and the other hooked up to the big screen. I have had the most fun playing on both Sonys, I have yet to be scared out of my pants by any game that Nintendo has come out with, but you ask anyone if they played resident evil 2 with the lights out. (Hell no, I didn't.....::Points to himself::) I remember when my wife was watching me play and she would get just as freaked out as me! Then there's the argument that there are no kids games on Sony's consoles, that's just bull. Take a look at Naughty Dog productions, a company that has innovated "kids" games, and taken them to a new level with games like Crash bandicoot, and CTR, Crash Team Racing (a much better and harder version of SuperMarioCart 64), Spyro the Dragon. Now these games held there own on the PS1, but what about Naughty Dogs PS2 creation.....Jax and Daxter.....this game is awesome by far. If you want cuties, and mature look now where else but to the PS2.

Also did we forget to mention the entire backwards compatibility of the PS2 to play PS1 games......who else can do that????

I am waiting.....still waiting? Anyone.....hello?


"Also did we forget to mention the entire backwards compatibility of the PS2 to play PS1 games......who else can do that????"

Well, my computer can if you'll just give me a minute to download the emulator.
Oh, and the GameBoy Advance can play the older GameBoy games as well.
Oh, and I know they once rigged a Dreamcast up to play PSX games, and the quality of the screen actually improved...

So, does that answer the question?

But was the dreamcast made to do that? And I would hope that the dreamcast made a PSX game look beter its a newer system. For a system that hold the record for have the most units sold, Ever. The PSX is still the best. Emulaters are fine and dandy, and infact I do have a few, but I was talking on pure console systems.

And do not even bring up the gameboy advanced.....all it is, is just a lazy rehashing of the snes. Everyone knows that. Come on Nintendo is making money off of selling old game again....and sometimes to the same saps that bought it the first time. But dont ask me if I am going to buy

Hey, you asked "who else can do that" so I told you the GBA could.
Even if the GBA is just the SNES all over again (which I do not think, but that's beside the point) you can still fit it in your hand and carry it around. I don't think you'd do that with a SNES.

And besides, I'm an oldschool gamer. I much prefer SNES and Genesis games above many, many newes ones.

The guy with the PS2 is right. I stuck by my guns and held out for the Game Cube. I't's got some cool games, but not like the amount and diversity of the PS2 and X-Box systems. I'm going to go get a PS2. I'm sick of Nintendo promising but not delivering.

well i hope im not just marching in on anything but i still think that the older 8 bit nintendo was the greatest system ever...i mean mine has lasted me 15 years and i play it just about everyday and compared to my now broken ps2 and my broken xbox it has still held its owen on ames such as"super mario bro. 3"the game never gets old and its always fun to play the old games

I'm a PC gamer, myself. There's so much more variety in games. Controls are gennerally more intuitive (First Person Shooters on consoles are just unpleasant). Not to mention the fact that graphics on a computer are inevitably prettier (if not better by other measurements) than any consoles simply because of moniter resolution.
Plus there's the fact that I own a computer anyways.

The only "Console" system I own is a gameboy (colour), which is, in my opinion, more fun than PS2, Gamecube or Xbox. (Kirby may be a "cute" game, but it's addictive, as is Mario and the six golden coins.)

I currently own an xbox, Ps2 and a nintendo gamecube. Sure I play all three, but only one of them truly touches my gaming needs, and that is the Nintendo Gamecube.
Nintendo brings to you a very unique gaming experience. I also am a gamer up for lots of multiplayer fun. Which system can quench my thirst in that category. Only the Gamecube. I don't just live for the spur of the moment and and so with future in mind, I only truly trust Nintendo. I love all my systems but the gamecube is by far, the household favourite. The Ps2 is known for having the most games but with sequals going as far as ten(final phantasy x) I clearly see why. What is the level of varied gameplay for the Ps2 with such lengthy series?

If you are looking for numbers, check the Ps2, if you are looking for most graphics check the Xbox, but if you are looking for fun, extra ordinary varied gaming experience and future gaming needs, then Check the Nintendo Gamecube...

Now this is much more intelligent than the Xbox thread I just posted on. There's actually thoghtful debate going on here beyond "(insert system here) sucks." What's really important is that you, the player, enjoy the games you play in whatever format you play them in.

I notice that, unusally I haven't placed a comment here before, which is by sheer freak chance, considering just how militant I can be about Nintendo products when those young Sony upstarts are on the warpath. And now Microsoft's got it's poison in the well, I might as well end this discussion, right now, by dropping my nuke into the fray. Brace yourselves, amateurs, this [spits] one's [spits] a screamer [spits]...


[Brushes himself off] Ha ha, that's the argument won for Nintendo, no doubt. They'll never be able to respond to my clever and witty remark. Ha ha ha... Right... Now, where's that yellow brick road?

[Sings] Lovely Marina, have you seen her, drinking Ribena...

You guys remind me of two of my friends who bicker regularly about if Star Wars or Star Trek is better...


but I will comment nevertheless

I have owned a NES, SNES, and currently own an N64, GameCube, PlayStation, and PS2. Now, I love them all, I regret selling my NES for one reason “Bermuda Triangle”, I regret selling my SNES for that “Super Mario: All Stars” game that had the trilogy all in one cartridge. I sold my N64 cuz I needed the money, but bought a new one later, nuff said. I don’t even need to list the reasons why (okay 1 reason: best controller for FPS: 1.2 Solitaire…I will kill everyone. The DualShock a close 2nd place). The GameCube is great, the disks are oh so teeny, and the GameCube version of Resident Evil is awesome, WAY creepier than the first one. Plus it has more dynamic camera-angles, which specifically allows you to look up Jill’s skirt. I still have my PlayStation because it has NO resale value. My best reason for owning the Sony consoles are the “Final Fantasy” and the “Medal of Honor” series…priceless. Well, the SSX games are great for parties, too. There are many other games that I love. The ONLY reason I don’t own an XBOX yet is because I simply can’t afford it…but XMAS draws nigh…heh heh.

I must now be abrasive…

I’m so glad I didn’t sell my PlayStation upon buying my PS2, because my PS2 no longer reads PS1 games or DVDs. Sum-ting-wong with it and Sony doesn’t seem to care about my problem NOR the problem with the other 250,000 PS2 owners who are experiencing the same trouble. Sony knows about this and says that the problem will inevitably cause all of the drivers to fail. They have no problem with us paying to ship the units to them so they can replace the drive (and charge us). So they MAY suffer a class-action lawsuit, simply because they didn’t do thorough testing on their products. This furthers my desire for an XBOX since most of the games on PS2 are on XBOX anyway. And Microsoft does extensive testing on all their products, which is why the release date for Gates’ monster-console was pushed back so many times.

Anyway, ALL the consoles are good, so STUFF the bickering. Quit trying to come up with stupid reasons to keep yourselves from buying all of them…you know you want them all, anyway.


X-Box i think is the best for tha fact that it doesn't get problems like ps2 above but play station 2 has alot more games than game cube and x-box game cube is way out of the league it is no longer sold in my country now no one wanted it it lasted for 2 months and left Nintendo started going downhill when they brought out N64 other than the gameboy was the only other new catridge consol out and quickly was replaced by PS1. Over all Microsoft Wins because it is the biggest company and can affoard to spend billions of $ on new technology for their game systems.

Yo, stoner: there's like, you know, commas and sh*t. Like, whoa. Cool.

Stoner's a somewhat ironic name to have when you post comments of that calibre, isn't it?

Wow...I think he actually typed all that in one breath.

By the way, what country, stoner?