Review of a friend's System?


First off - hey. I came to this website, interested in the idea that there were people out there that might be obliged to review homebrew content. I now realize that that is not the only reason for this site's existence - and I'm unsure if the site was created for the 'review homebrew' content thing to begin with.

In either case, a review of homebrew content gives, I feel, an honest perspective for the creator. Because it's homebrew, the creator may or may not still be willing to work on it, and a good/bad review can change the content for the better or worse (it helps that it hasn't already been in print or published in any format). A good/bad review also gets the message out that this sort of thing exists - in all ways, it's good for the creator.

So anyway... I'm wondering if anyone's interested in reviewing a system called Warglory

(it's actually two systems; Espatiers and Marines). It's written out on mythweavers. That's all I'm gonna say about it. The reviewer should be given a fresh perspective - also, it'd be nice if someone were interested in writing an article about it. I think it's worth it.

After all, it's hard enough finding people to test these things! I know, considering I'm a wannabe homebrewer myself.

I would playtest it but it's a Play By Post and I only do tabletop. Sorry.