Are Articles still being published?


Are Articles still being published or should I post everything as a Topic?

I read Morbis Iff's post about not really gaming anymore (sniff) and I'm wondering if new articles will continue being edited and published. Should I post them as a topic or send them in as an article like I used to?

I haven't been on here in a long time and am starting to take a more active role, but I want to know the best way to pursue posting articles.

Morbis? Anyone? Hello?

I've been lurking your posts over the last week or two, Calamar, and I keep attempting to respond. The problem is that I get about halfway through and end up interrupted and, ultimately, discard what I had written.

Most of all, I want to express how great it is to have to back as a Gamegrener. I don't know how much you remember, but you had a huge impact on my early attempts at GMing, which eventually led me to the happy place I am with the hobby now: running a game with the best group I've ever played with.

When Morbis' post about his "not really gaming anymore" hit(along with the resultant lamenting and sadness), I asked him about the potential of continuing to write articles (which I intended to do, and never did). He responded to me in that thread by saying:

"@Lorthyne Yes, I would still post articles written by users, certainly. Just because my books are boxed up and I'm not currently buying anything new (or, rather, am maintaining the status quo: I haven't bought a new RPG book in a year or so), that doesn't make me any less interested in the hobby or the site. If you send an article through, it might be best to just email it to Due to the lack of new article submissions, I've only been monitoring new comments on a daily basis. That offer is open for all of you, of course: you can help keep Gamegrene alive(r) by continuing to write on it. I can give you nothing more than that continued enjoyment, but would welcome you with open arms."

Calamar, I'd love to read and comment on anything you have to say. As a result of seeing the discussion being revived again here, I've had an article brewing in my head (which may actually turn into 2 separate articles, as I'm seeing it more and more that way recently.)

Here's to keeping Gamegrene alive!

@Calamar: generally speaking, you could post your article as a new forum thread, and then, if it "felt" like an article versus just a forum topic, I would promote it to the front page of the site. The last two front page "articles" are really just forum topics that I pushed to the front.

So Morbus, should I take the article that i sent in today and post it as a Topic instead? I post any new stuff as a Topic from now on to.

Thanks guys!

Yeah, go ahead. Will likely be easier on us both (you'll be able to edit/re-format without me, etc.).


"Here's to keeping Gamegrene alive!"

I liken my occasional visits to Gamegrene to waking up Commander Powell from cryo-storage to ask him a question.....

Or perhaps like Rimmer here to greet you when you come out of Stasis? Though less annoying. Damn, I think you beat my reference in both obscurity and applicability. Zounds!

And, yes, let's keep Gamegrene alive. Still the best gaming site on the web, bar none, if you ask me.

I was getting all sad. Posted an article and it took almost 250 reads before anyone posted comments. Everytime I logged in I started seeing tumbleweeds. Felt like Robert Neville. Glad to see people taking interest again.

Yeah, it tends to go dead for quite a while and then come back in a sudden burst. It'll prolly pick up for now.