University of Woodstock is granting Bachelor's Degrees in D&D!


"After much reflection on the complexity of the rules: the interaction between various kinds of bonuses, energies, and powers; the immense volume of spell information; and the sheer processing power required to simultaneously track initiatives, spell durations, and a multitude of modifiers. The Univeristy of Woodstock has decided to confer a Bachelors degree on all veteran D&D players who can demonstrate, through live game submissions, that they are able to navigate the game with few errors."

"The study required to successfully master the game, build characters, and run a combat scenario -- especially at high levels --is a testament to years of diligent effort. These skills represent advanced levels of problem solving, mathematics, and strategic thinking. While the basic rudiments of the game would comprise a single course (D&D 101) playing at higher levels, with various in-game interactions happening quickly, forces the players and the GM to be able to navigate the rules with an alacrity of a gradute-level student.

That is why we have been permitted to bestow a B.S. on any person who can demonstrate such knowledge through a series of video submissions designed to test their skills as a DM (Dungeon Master) and as a player. The recognition of these achievements will not only allow employers to recognize the dedication and intellectual capabilites of a hitherto unrecognized group, but may allow these students direct entrance in graduate programs in English, History, or Philosophy.

University of Woodstock is a fully uncredited educational institute. Please make your submissions to..."

I played a high-level game on the weekend and was struck by how difficult the game was. It wasn't long before I "discovered" this online.

Okay, nobody bit on the BS in gaming. My rant on how stupid complicated these games can get (Pathfinder/D&D,etc). In my head it was kinda funny -- it just didn't transalate well. Comedy is the hardest. I still read the D&D 5th Edition post from Aeon from time to time. That was comic gold.

Too believable. I actually thought it was for real!

Too busy to shoot the breeze over gaming at the moment, but I am, as always, lurking around. So rest assured yourself and Eruantien have an audience of one, at least.


I'm half-way through Master and His Emissary. I injured my knee about a month ago and have been staying out of the hot-tub. That is where I do my reading/star gazing. I like the book. I find the reading heavy and challenging, but interesting ( I might be a bit overworked so my normal recreational reads tend to fall on the light side).

I am glad you are finding 'Master...' an interesting read. The second half has a rather different character to the first, less heavy on the clinical psych stuff, more putting it into a social and historical context.

Hope the knee improves soon.