Play-by-wiki as replacement for play-by-post?


Shot in the dark: has anyone ever attempted to play D&D (or any other game system) via a wiki INSTEAD of play-by-post or play-by-email? I'm not interested in comparing play-by-wiki with real-time digital solutions like Fantasy Grounds or Roll20 - I'm focussed on non-real-time comparisons only. There seems to be a healthy number of pros and cons to play-by-wiki vs. play-by-post, and I'm still compiling all the data, but I've seen very few examples of play-by-wiki in the wild - doesn't seem like a popular approach. Trying to understand why.

Hi Morbus. I've done PBM and PBP but I can't say I've tried PBW. I use a campaign wiki but purely as a setting encyclopedia rather than a tool for active play. Interested to know the upsides and downsides. The upside I can see is that a wiki will easily handle the tendency for play to branch out into multiple threads. The downside might be visibility issues though there are widgets that could help with that, I guess.

Before G+, we ran a few adventures via Google Wave. It wasn't exactly a Wiki or a message board, but it did the job.