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So, after a lengthy absence due to life challenges and other distractions, I have decided that I need an outlet other than that offered by the "socials". I've started up a blog. Very 2000's, I know. I think perhaps some of the aesthetic and values of those early post-millennial years are overdue for a revival. Maybe only a personal judgement, or perhaps one that might find resonance with others.

I used to use livejournal as a blogging platform. I had another short-lived stab at livejournal a few years ago, but now I can't get back into my account, and the email address that it was registered to is evidently one that's expired.

So, this time it's Blogger.

I don't quite know where I'm going with it yet. We'll see. I may cross-post here. I may even revisit old threads and the discussions we had on the 'grene and see how well the arguments have stood the test of time. Just a thought.

A non-gaming blog will probably ensue, but be quite a separate thing.

Two blog post series I am presently adding to.

Diplomancing the Stone

A walkthrough of my social mechanics rules, used to add structure to interactions with NPCs - when it is desirable to do so. I am still fine-tuning these rules and developing as I go along. These are designed as a replacement for D&D 3.5's awful Diplomacy rules, which are not fit for purpose. They could be readily adapted to any d20 based ruleset or setting though, that has an analogue to 3.5's Diplomacy skill.

Gilgamesh and the Golden Palace of Za-Hadrash

A log of an adventure in play, as of now (August-September 2020). Presently posting up the lengthy adventure intro in installments. This adventure actually has links back to an adventure I ran in the early 1980's involving King Gilgamesh of Uruk, which was published in the pseudo-AD&D Role Aids adventure compendium, "Wizards". It also has links to a more recent adventure that played out in 2018, "Diplomacy", published in Dungeon magazine.